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Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland in males. It may be caused due to infection, trauma, or immune system disorder. It causes difficulty in urination, pain, burning micturition, blood in urine, etc. It may lead to semen abnormalities, infertility, etc. Treatment depends on the cause and elimination of the cause and symptomatic treatment.

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Does ejaculation without even penetration suggest prostatitis?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 26 years old and I developed premature ejaculation out of nowhere around a year ago. Before that time I was the complete opposite. It used to take me too long then, I thought something was wrong with me. Now I can barely last three minutes. And it is weird because sometimes I ...  Read Full »

Dr. Gupta Aman Manoharlal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to First and foremost thing do not panic. That is the most damaging thing in your problems. Prostatitis generally does not cause premature ejaculation. Sometimes premature ejaculation can develop in case the frequency of intercourse is not much or because of stress. Symp...  Read Full »

I am getting recurrent pain in testicle. How to get a permanent cure?

Query: Hi doctor, My symptoms are as follows. Pain in the right testicle, swelling at the top of the right testicle and some redness on the urethra, especially after ejaculation. I had Chlamydia about 18 months ago. I was tested positive and treated with two antibiotic pills, which seemed to cure it. After...  Read Full »

Dr. Khant Shahil Ramesh Bhai

Answer: Hi,Welcome to relax and do not worry. I went through all of your case history and reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It seems you are repeatedly suffering from urinary tract infection. It could be prostatitis also. You have taken many antibiotics previously,...  Read Full »

I have testicular pain and difficulty ejaculating. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 30-year-old married man and this is my story. Three months back testicle pain and difficulty reaching ejaculation for a few days. Also, a mild pain near the rectum or anus for a few days. A month later received unprotected oral sex from a woman. The very next month started to fe...  Read Full »

Dr. Karthik Rajan

Answer: Hi,Welcome to have gone through your query. I would like to know a few more details to answer your query better. Do you strain to pass urine? How frequently do you have the sensation to urinate? Do you pass a good amount of urine everytime you have the urge or is it only a few drops? D...  Read Full »

I have prostatitis, and its symptoms are worsening. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 29 year old male, who has prostatitis. My prostatitis symptoms flared up four months ago, after eight months of partial remission. Last week, my pain got worse with cramping over my pubic bone. Now, the discomfort and cramping comes in multiple places simultaneously (perineum, p...  Read Full »

Dr. Raguram Ganesamoni

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I am really sorry to know about your problems. I have gone through your MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) images and other reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity), and all reports are normal. Your clinical features and investigation results fit into chro...  Read Full »

I have a burning sensation at the penis tip. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 33-year-old male with a normal BMI. I do not take any medication except topical Minoxidil for hair loss. I have increased urinary urgency or frequency, pain or burning sensation at the tip of my penis (which becomes worse after urination), a weak urine stream, and aching testicles...  Read Full »

Dr. Saurabh Subhash Pandya

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your first query consult is on us! This looks like prostatitis and will require four weeks of appropriate antibiotics to settle. Sonography (attachments removed to protect patient identity) shows a 23 gm prostate, which is slightly higher than normal, suggestive of som...  Read Full »

Can cortisone help treat urethritis?

Query: Hello doctor, I got urethritis and conjunctivitis, at the same time a few months back. I had thick transparent penile discharge with burning and itching sensation. I got this after a week of having unprotected oral sex. I have had urethral swab and urine test done, and the reports showed ureaplasma ...  Read Full »

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bahunuthula

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your genital symptoms are quite classic for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. This is an ascending infection of the prostate gland from the urethra. Prostatitis is usually chronic and can lead to a dull aching pain for a long time. It is usually a consequence of gonorrh...  Read Full »

Why do I have fever and stomach pain after taking an alpha blocker for prostatitis?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had stomach pain since ten days after taking an alpha blocker for prostatitis. I have taken only one capsule, Alfuzosin 10 mg. However, I have stomach pain and fever that is not subsiding since then. Also, the skin on my fingers is getting peeled. Kindly advise.   Read Full »

Dr. Ghulam Fareed

Answer: Hello. Welcome to I understand your concern. There are two possibilities for your symptoms. Either a drug reaction or allergy, or prostatitis itself that is causing fever. However, if the symptoms have started after taking medicine, it can be a drug allergy. You must not take medicat...  Read Full »

Can PAP test alone be valid for screening prostatitis?

Query: Hi doctor, I asked my doctor to do PSA test. The PSA came back normal at 1.0 ng/mL. However, he also did prostatic acid phosphatase test which was high at 4.5 ng/mL. My question is whether prostatic acid phosphatase test is valid for screening or not? Should I need to do these tests again? I had pro...  Read Full »

Dr. Karthik Rajan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your query. Prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) has been replaced by PSA (prostate-specific antigen test). It is better in the detection of prostate cancer compared to PAP. The elevation of PAP levels alone is not a cause for concern. I hope your treating...  Read Full »

My penis irritation is not responding to the treatment. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, My penis is irritated. I have red spots on its glans, and sometimes I have white spots. After having a bath (only with warm water), it worsens. After urinating, I have a burning sensation, and even the underwear irritates me. Sometimes I feel coldness in my penis, colder than it should...  Read Full »

Dr. Samer Sameer Juma Ali Altawil

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The symptoms you have described indicate urethral pain syndrome. Another possible diagnosis is chronic abacterial prostatitis. Examination of the prostate to look for inflammation by inserting a finger in the rectum and feeling the prostate is the key to diagnosis. I...  Read Full »

I suffer from prostate enlargement and urinary issues. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I have enlarged prostate and some lesion on the prostate. The report has been attached. For the past four years, I have been suffering from urinary tract infections and kidney stones and my life is very much disturbed. I am attaching the files of my reports and the medicines which I am...  Read Full »

Dr. Gopinath

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You need to be examined clinically with per rectal examination. If clinical findings suggest a chronic prostatitis you need a prolonged treatment for it. Did you undergo uroflow test as suggested? It shows whether your urine flow is obstructed or not. Your PSA (...  Read Full »

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