Pregnancy By Week Calculator


Pregnancy By Week Calculator helps you to know your pregnancy stages in week by weeks in a beautiful calendar.

This tool also gives an idea as to how many weeks are yet to be completed for the infant. Isn't it a great tool?

Starting date of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP)
Average length of your cycle



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How is the Average Length of a Menstrual Period Cycle calculated?

Average Length of a Menstrual Period Cycle is calculated by entering the date of the first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). This is done after a close observation of your menstrual periods. The LMP of every month is counted and thus you arrive at the average length of a menstrual period cycle.

This is a list of the important weeks during your pregnancy.

  • Week 2  : You are conceived.
  • Week 4  : The pregnancy test is positive.
  • Week 5  : Baby's organ formation starts. The heart starts functioning.
  • Week 10 : All major organs are formed. The heartbeats are well-heard.
  • Week 12 : Risk of miscarriage is reduced.
  • Week 14 : You are in your second trimester. Your pregnancy can now be announced!
  • Week 15 : The baby can now see the light.
  • Week 16 : The ultrasound can now reveal your baby's gender.
  • Week 18 : Movements of your baby are felt.
  • Week 19 : Your baby hears sounds.
  • Week 23 : Baby born at this stage is called as a premature baby. Survival chances are still there.
  • Week 27 : You are in your third trimester. Your baby can breathe.
  • Week 32 : Baby's fingernails and toenails are formed.
  • Week 37 : A full-term pregnancy is complete.
  • Week 40 : Congratulations! You are due any time now.