Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer Management

Written by Dr. Jayvirsinh Indrasinh Chauhan and medically reviewed by Dr. Sneha Kannan

Image: Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer Management

When we talk about the treatment of cancer, it puts even a qualified doctor in a major turmoil that which way to go as there are so many options and no assured results. And it solely depends on the judgment of the specialist.

When it comes to the selection of the treatment, I suggest never exclude the role of conventional treatment. But it depends on the condition of the patient and disease both. At what stage the disease has been identified. Some patients may have a few days, and some may not be bothered about it for months even without any treatment. But it does not mean that one should wait for it to make its mark. The moment you know about its presence, you should be actively searching out for the best treatment possibilities.

I will discuss some crucial role of homeopathic treatment in cancer management.

1) Palliative:

We know that not every cancer can be cured nor every cancer cause immediate death. But most of them become a cause for considerable suffering. In cases where the chances of a complete cure are questionable, it remains the principal objective to achieve the best pain (suffering) relief for the patient. And in that case, I have some very concrete belief and experience about the efficacy of some available treatment modalities. Most of the patients go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which takes a toll on the general health of the patient and it becomes very difficult for them to manage even their daily routine independently. The other most popular way is Ayurveda, and with all due respect, it is not any less painful for the patient to engulf the large dose of some horrible tasting mixtures and what not. I have seen patients putting death to a higher place instead of going through the pain of all treatment as mentioned above.

At this point, I would like to stress the role of homeopathic treatment in pain management and relieving other difficulties like improving appetite, minimizing the pain, a general feeling of well-being, extending the life-expectancy (especially without much suffering), etc. If a well-chosen homeopathic treatment is given, the patient can find the best possible relief with some minutest doses of homeopathic medicines. There is even a chance of it being converted into a complete cure with time.

2) As an Antidote to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy:

It has been reported that some specific medicines, for example, Radium Brom, Uranium Nitricum, Cobaltum Nitricum, etc., have some amazing effects in reducing the side effects of the conventional methods like chemo and radiotherapy. Even the patient can complete their cycles without having many difficulties. It helps to build the constitution to withstand the stress created by the disease and its treatment itself.

3) Curative:

The vital role of homeopathic treatment in the so-called incurable cases of cancer has now been proved by end number of cures. In that comes both types of patients-

-having only homeopathic treatment.

-having a combination of treatment.

And the patients are undoubtedly putting more and more trust in the homeopathic system of medicine now.

4) Cost Effective:

I know when it comes to health, wealth is always considered secondary, but we must not forget the limitation of a person. And in such scenario when the conventional treatment has only bills to offer without any relief as an inability of the patient to procure the whole course of treatment due to lack of financial strength, they finally succumb to fate. While homeopathic treatment irrespective of the name of the disease, be it simple cold or cancer remains the same expensive (keeping some exception) and excluding the charges taken by the specialist for his wit and efficacy, still it ranks the last in cost.

5) Euthanasia*:

I am using the word very carefully and not at all suggesting to use the method as a direct means of putting the patient in harm's way. But many patients are so weakened by the disease and even doctors confirm that there is nothing to offer. In such cases also homeopathic treatment does not send the patient and their relatives empty-handed, and it helps a lot to minimize the suffering of the patient and putting him in rest in his last few days or hours. In no means, it should be used to end the patient's life.

6) Vaccination:

When it comes to cancer, the most talked etiology of it is genetics or hereditary. And when we have a strong history of cancer in the family, it is most likely that the person may develop cancer in near or distant future. Not claiming that it is an assured route to bypass it, but there is a considerable chance that the patient can be immune from the monstrous effects of the disease by the use of anti-miasmatic medicines of homeopathy. And no special labour is required. Just take the regular well selected constitutional prescription and live life as healthy as possible.

With this few points, I conclude my overview of cancer and its homoeopathic management. I am not giving the names of the medicines used for cancer in homeopathy, as most of the article may have mentioned because it is never used on the name of the disease, but it requires complete similarity to the patient to select a well-indicated medicine. And by giving a name, I may misguide the patient. As I have seen many patients becoming self-taught experts from the internet sources and they start experimenting on them or others. The major drawback of it is that when a patient does not acquire desired results, they get disheartened and throw the diamond in their hand in a hurry without realizing the role of an expert and a learned homeopathic doctor. I suggest that in any case take a dedicated consultation with a good homeopathic doctor and let him do his job.

Last reviewed at: 24.May.2019



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