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About "General Medicine"

Doctors that are trained to diagnose and give medical treatment for adults suffering from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and symptoms are known as general physicians. General medicine includes a wide range of conditions that affect the internal organs of the body. General physicians are trained to care for patients with complex illness, where the diagnosis might be difficult. They also deal with the social and psychological impact of a disease.

The role of a general physician includes diagnosing and treating medical disorders, review patients before any surgery and minimize the risk of complications during surgery, and assist in postoperative care. They can prescribe drugs and other medical therapies to prevent and treat diseases, thus caring for a patient as a whole and not just different systems of the body. They provide more comprehensive care for patients.

If you have many co-existing conditions, it is best to consult a general physician first, which has been made easy with the help of medical platforms that provide online consultations. After performing a few tests, the doctor will give a diagnosis and treat you accordingly. He or she might even prescribe medicines or perform minor procedures if required. If your condition needs special care, they might refer you to other specialists.

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