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Dealing with Foreign Body Inside the Ears

Written by Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Image: Dealing with Foreign Body Inside the Ears

You may come across this condition in your life, especially if there are children around. The foreign body inside ears is a widely common theme. Outside bodies are classified as living or nonliving. Nonliving remote bodies are further classified as organic and inorganic. Now, I will discuss each category.

Living foreign bodies such as fly, ant, spider, mosquito, larvae, and many types of bugs can get into our ears. You may see the insect getting into the ear of your kid and this makes the diagnosis easy. But, sometimes, you cannot see the insect getting into the ear. In this case, the diagnosis depends on the complaint of the patient and endoscopic examination of the ears. The patient may complain of a sensation of moving object inside the ear with or without pain. The pain is present if the insect bites. Alcohol is utilized to kill the bug, then the bug is pulled out of the ear by special instruments or just washed out with water.

Nonliving organic foreign bodies such as seeds and food particles can be pushed unintentionally into the ears. In this case, ear wash is contraindicated as It can cause swelling, making it more impacted in the ear. In this case, I like to utilize little forceps.

Nonliving inorganic foreign bodies such as little plastic balls and batteries can be brought incidentally into the ear. The common age group for this scenario is young children. It is a hazardous condition as by pushing it further, the kid can hurt the eardrum and even puncture it. In this case, I like to utilize snared instruments. Sometimes, the hard foreign body can be badly impacted and needs a careful surgical operation to move it out. In case the object is a little battery, you should rush to a healing center to expel it as soon as possible as the battery can release acids within a few hours of its insertion. These acids are corrosives which can damage the skin and disintegrate the ear bones.

Finally, I assert you not to attempt to expel foreign bodies from the ears yourself because while doing so, you can puncture the eardrum. A foreign body inside the ear is a crisis situation. If you ignore it, it will be even more difficult for the clinical practitioner to remove it.

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