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An Insight into Mental Health

Published on Jun 11, 2012 and last reviewed on Jan 10, 2022   -  4 min read


There is an urgent need to increase awareness regarding mental health in many countries. Read the below article to know more.

An Insight into Mental Health


In this article, I will discuss with you three real scenarios which can make you understand how prevalent mentally affected people are in today’s world, especially among the young age groups. The most important task now is to make people understand the concept of mental health correctly and learn how to deal with it and get better.

A 23-year-old boy working at a private institution had gradually reduced his interactions with family and friends. He started becoming irregular at work. He used to lie down in his room during the day and not talk to anybody. One day, he was found hanging from his ceiling fan.

There was a 20-year-old student who started behaving irrationally with everyone. She would suspect her family members of trying to harm her. She would allege that people around her are talking about her and making fun of her. She would laugh inappropriately and mutter to herself. Her grades began to fall at school.

Another 30-year-old working businessman started having sleepless nights. He started having severe anxiety throughout the day. He was not able to concentrate on his work anymore. All this began after a marital discord with his wife.

These are a few examples of how a person's mental health affects his or her personal life and that of the family. All that is required is a mental health expert (psychiatrist) to diagnose and treat these problems.

Are People Concerned About Mental Health?

It is the mind that governs every aspect of your life. Whenever there is a bodily ailment, like fever, we take it very seriously and do the needful right away. But, what do we do for our mind and its well-being? It is important to realize that mental health is equally important.

In this world of fast-growing scientific knowledge, it has been proven that mental illness or psychiatric illness has a biological basis. Mental illness is a relatively common problem affecting roughly 10 to 20 persons out of every 100. Usually, the awareness regarding mental illness is poor amongst many. Any change in the behavior of the person from their usual self points towards the beginning of a mental illness.

For ages, mental illness has been seen as a taboo in our country. We all believe more in faith healers when it comes to mental health issues. But, they do more harm than good. A mentally ill person is highly stigmatized in certain countries, but in the present world, things are changing rapidly. It is time we started considering psychiatric illnesses as commonplace and changed the view of society towards such people who have the ill fate of suffering from one. These are the people who require help, and they should not be deprived of medical attention. After therapy, these people do recover and can live a healthy life. They have the right to medical treatment, and we, as their family and friends, should realize this.

Why Is There a Need for Mental Awareness Among the Public?

Though the need for mental well-being begins as an individual-oriented concern, it, in turn, becomes a family-oriented concern. But mental health is not only one of the important factors for a person’s and family’s well being but also it plays a key role in achieving global development goals.

More suicide incidents are being reported in the 15 to 30-year-olds due to mental health issues. And what is unfortunate is that these lives could be saved just by seeking help for managing their mental illness.

The people with limited income needing mental health treatment and care do not seek help due to low income, and people with adequate money do not seek help due to social stigmas.

What Symptoms Do People With Mental Illnesses Exhibit?

As a curtain-raiser, here is a list of a few symptoms which may suggest psychiatric illnesses:

What Can Improve Mental Health Awareness?

Funds remain one of the prominent factors for decreased mental health awareness among the public. With improved funds, more and more research on mental disorders, their treatment, and public awareness on the same can be carried out on a large scale. And the World Health Organization’s universal health coverage for mental health is a noteworthy initiative for more than 100 million people in over 12 priority countries to access quality mental health care.

With more and more awareness programs and press and media attention on mental health topics, people become more aware of it, its prevalence, available management methods, and the complications it could cause when left untreated.

As an initiative from the people’s side, they are encouraged to break the social stigmas and taboo attached to mental health by understanding the depth of the condition and by not judging the affected individuals.

Why Is Mental Wellness Important?

By being physically and mentally healthy, you can,

You can achieve these with a positive mindset. To make your thoughts positive, you need to,


You need not feel ashamed to consult a psychiatrist and discuss your fears and issues with them. You do not have to continue to suffer in silence. Speak out and reach out for help. In all the above examples cited, a little help could have made a big difference. This article is just a tiny step to destigmatize psychiatric illness and increase awareness regarding the symptoms of mental illnesses.

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