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Health and Technology

by Dr. Shakti Mishra at 11.Jan.2017 on Healthy Living (Wellness & Prevention)



This article will provide an idea about the overall impact of recent technologies on children and adults. Through this article I have explained the impact of technology on human character and mental health. Also, I have explained the extra precaution that must be taken by an individual to keep his or her health in a good condition while keeping pace with technologies.

Image: Health and Technology

Coming to a point in life where you find no way out from the same old thoughts and misery is just like saying that I have nothing left in my life anymore. That does really mean that you do not have anything valuable left out behind your so called sorrowful life. Many people in this world lose hope after facing some kind of death of a near and dear one or any dreadful disease.

In modern science, such kind of feeling is related to psychological issues of an individual. This kind of performance by a person can lead to some serious chronic mental disorders. When a child is born with some kind of abnormality, we suspect that might be the fault of the parents or previous life’s mistake. This kind of introspection born in mind shows how we perceive things that actually may or may not be the real cause.

It is all about how human mind’s cognitive and perceptual characters act to give us such results. We can never know the actual fact behind such a condition, but our mind always keeps on searching for new ideas and thoughts.

The human mind is so complex, but yet very innovative which can bring out numerous ideologies and creations that can revolutionize the face of the human race. Though it is very clear that our next generations are coming up with a lot more of the modifications and astonishing strategical changes presenting since childhood, there is some lacuna present which cannot be overlooked. Nowadays, children tend to become more passive readers. They tend to rely more on technologies. The work that used to take time for completion seems to be easier for the youngsters.

As a result, people try to make things happen without much effort and wasting time. But, this is actually hampering the normal psychosocial aspect of an individual. The neurons in our brain need stimulants to work and grow. The more stimulation it is provided with, the more active they become. Similarly, the lesser the stimulation, the less active they become. This causes unnatural degeneration of the neurons before the normal aging process. And in turn, this causes loss of memory, loss of thinking capacity and loss of concentration.

The more advances in technologies provide the advantage of gaining more knowledge and increasing intelligence quotient, but on the other hand is indirectly hampering health in terms of divergence from normal sleeping, waking and eating schedules.

Keeping in pace with the technology is good as far as our health is not affected. But, having an excuse of skipping meals for working constantly for too long time in office or watching television is just not good. We all need to look after ourselves because if we are not fit we can never get another chance to do whatever we want to explore with the help of the so called technical issues of our life. We should always be following a strict regimen once we start a day, which will land up giving us a fruitful result in the night.

Exercise in forms of daily living activities, workstation, physical and mental can improve the endurance, strength and overall maintenance of the body’s musculoskeletal and neurological aspect. Relaxing and taking short breaks in between work for 15 to 20 minutes like having green tea, interacting with friends and colleagues, taking a walk, etc., works wonder. Stretching is another wonderful way of breaking all the tiredness in your body. Neck and shoulder side stretches, spine rotation, upper and lower extremity stretches have proven to be very effective.

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