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How to Prevent Infections?

Author: Dr. Suneetha B S - Healthy Living (Wellness & Prevention)  

Here Are a Few Basic Steps You Can Follow to Stop the Spread of Infection:

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. It is recommended to rub your hands together with the foam for at least 20 seconds. The best way to do this is to sing the "happy birthday" song in your mind while you rub your hands. If you do not have soap and water, keep an alcoholic sanitizer handy.

  • Bathe regularly and wear clean clothes.
  • Keep your fingernails short and clean.
  • Clean your house regularly and live in a healthy environment.
  • Do not pick your nose, mouth or eyes either.
  • Do not share personal items like toothbrushes, towels, razors, combs, handkerchiefs, soaps and nail clippers.
  • Throw garbage only in the dustbins. Keep the dustbins covered.
  • Avoid using public toilets.
  • Avoid eating unhygienic and stale food. Consume freshly prepared food.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption.
  • Get all recommended vaccines at the right time. Take deworming tablets every six months or yearly.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Cough into your elbow or use a towel. Do not cough into your palms.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are maintained clean, get regular check-ups and their vaccines are up to date.
  • Practice safe sex. Stick to a single partner. Use condoms to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Keep yourself updated with health news. Good knowledge of the prevalence of epidemics in certain areas or countries will help you make wise decisions about travel and prevention of infection.
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