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All about Cervical Cancer

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This article discusses in detail about cervical cancer, one of the most common illnesses in women these days.

All about Cervical Cancer

Every year, many women above the age of 40 are being diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer. If detected early, this disease can be treated. Every woman needs to be consciously aware of this condition, and timely screening helps identify this illness earlier. Thus, your doctor will be able to give you the right treatment and halt the progress of the disease to other parts of the body.

Who Is at Risk of Cervical Cancer?

It is important to know that this disease is quite widespread today and every woman can get it.

  • Women above the age of 40, who have a positive family history of cancer.
  • A prolonged period of intake of oral contraceptive pills.
  • Women who are addicted to drugs or other abuse like smoking, alcohol, etc.
  • Women who have multiple sexual partners and those who have frequent sexual intercourse are at higher risk of cancer of cervix due to irritation of the cervical mucosa.
  • Women who have been exposed to early sexual intercourse are at the highest risk.
  • Women who have received sexually transmitted infections like HPV (human papillomavirus) infection from their partner are prone to cervical malignancies. Even the regular use of condoms does not make a woman safe from receiving this infection from her partner. Because, when a condom is worn, only the penis is covered and the other parts of the genitalia are open, and thus infection can spread from skin to skin contact.
  • Women who have given multiple births are also seen to suffer from cervical cancers.
  • Prolonged grief - although this sounds weird, it is seen that long duration of sadness, tension or any mental stress raises the level of certain chemicals in your body which is seen to weaken your immune system and trigger the onset of cancer.

What are the Early Signs we Need to be Vigilant About?

  • Untimely or abnormal bleeding from the pelvis.
  • Unusual pain or bleeding while having sexual contact.
  • Abnormal pelvic pain.
  • Gradual or rapid loss of health.
  • Unusual weight loss.
  • Non-healing wounds around the cervix.

How to Handle this?

  • It is very important for women who are above the age of 40 to do a regular health check-up once every six months.
  • One of the regular tests that should be done is the Pap Test (smear test used for screening the pre-cancerous and cancerous cells in the cervix).
  • In the case of non-healing wounds, firstly, the patient would be advised to undergo a biopsy to confirm if there is a malignancy.
  • Cervical conization is a technique or a procedure wherein a cone-shaped piece of the cervical mass is excised to diagnose and study the transition of the malignant cells. It is not an invasive technique and is absolutely safe.
  • Cauterization (the technique of burning a part of the body to remove an undesired growth) and cryosurgery (the technique of application of extreme cold to remove an undesired growth) are used to remove the part of the cervix which is diseased.
  • Removal of the cervix completely is the option in critical stages. However, this does not alter the sex life of a female.

Home Remedies that can Help Prevent and Fight Cancer

  • Figs are one of the best fruits which have powerful anticancer compounds.
  • Garlic is an agent which is proved to fight cancer by breaking down the cancer-causing substances.
  • Mushrooms have been known to fight cancer and develop immunity against it.
  • Raw carrots, broccoli, cabbage, green asparagus, turmeric, and fruits namely pineapple, black grapes, apricot, strawberries and raspberries and also pepper and jalapeno are considered to contain certain substances which tend to dissolve cancer-causing substances.
  • A low-fiber diet is helpful in reducing gastric irritation in conditions of diarrhea and indigestion due to side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Apart from diet, it is essential for every female to do regular exercises and keep herself physically fit to improve body immunity.
  • Positive attitude and the will to live is what helps us fight cancer.

Women need to keep in mind that not only those who have a history of cancer in their families are prone to this disease, but every woman who is sexually active should remain alert and keep herself checked for possibilities of this condition. Also, women need not be afraid of this condition, as it is preventable and treatable when diagnosed in time.


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