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Medical Qases

Discuss medical cases and clinical scenarios with medical doctors of iCliniq. All within Doctor-2-Doctor iCliniq network. Recognize rare medical conditions and sharpen your medical knowledge and keep your brain sharp.

Dr.Ishwar Chandra Rai
Capillary Haemangioma, posted by Dr.Ishwar Chandra Rai in Dermatology
Hello Respected Doctors, A 9 month old female baby came to me with red-pink spot on her right cheek. Her mother observed it first time when she was 10 days after birth. She was scared about it. I diagnosed this as a capillary haemangioma and advised ... View thread »


Dr.Udaya Nath Sahoo
What does the white shadow in the X-ray indicate? , posted by Dr.Udaya Nath Sahoo in General surgery
Patient aged 43 with past injury history on neck but no clinical sign present and activity normal.Please check this image. What is this white shadow ... View thread »


Dr.Geeth Sadasivam
Pain management for salivary gland infections , posted by Dr.Geeth Sadasivam in Dentistry
What medication could be prescribed for pain relief to a patient with a swelling history which is only suspected to be a salivary gland infections with his symptoms ... View thread »


Dr.Upendra Talamarla
Opinion on xray, posted by Dr.Upendra Talamarla in Radiodiagnosis
Female 55 y.o swelling hand and puffiness of face ... View thread »


Dr.Taranbir Singh
Expiry Date of Medicine, posted by Dr.Taranbir Singh in Family Physician
As doctors, we all know about the expiry date of medicines. My question is if the date of expiry on a medicine is 31 Jan 217.... Will it be ineffective on 1 Feb 2017.... If not?....reasons ..... and does this applies to topical medicine as well ... View thread »


Delayed ejaculation treatment, posted by Dr.Devendra in Sexology
28 year male Patient with Delayed or at times no ejaculation, leading to painful experience for wife, dissatisfaction of husband and extramarital sexual exposure with similar problem. When he has ejaculation it is normal in volume and experience ... View thread »


For Psychiatry friends: cause of urinary frequency only when mind is free., posted by Dr.Devendra in Psychiatry
How to treat a patient having psychogenic urinary symptoms ie only when he thinks about them. Normal when engaged in work or sleep ... View thread »


Dr.Ishwar Chandra Rai
Height Improvement, posted by Dr.Ishwar Chandra Rai in Ayurveda Specialist
Hello Doctors, A 17 year old female patient, height 5 ft and weight 45 kg wants to increase her height upto 5.4 - 5.5 ft. She doesn't have any other medical conditions. Can anyone share with me Ayurvedic Medicines or suggestions ... View thread »


Dr.Shakti Mishra
Rhabdomyolysis?, posted by Dr.Shakti Mishra in General Medicine
A male of 29 years, who is a bodybuilder was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis. He was also having kidney problem with dark colouration of urine. He was under medication and reports were normal after 3 months of rest and medicines. Should he be ... View thread »


Dr.Rishu Saxena
Allodynia? tactile alodynia?, posted by Dr.Rishu Saxena in Dermatology
29 year old male, started to have a feeling of increased sensation all over the body. He can feel even the touch of his clothes, even air is causing mild pain and increased sensations. Patient says that he can feel a pain in every part of his skin ( ... View thread »