Q. What causes a soft spot in the middle of forehead in a baby?

Answered by Dr. M.l.kothari and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M


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Hello doctor,

My daughter has a soft spot in the middle of her forehead for the past nine months but can only be noticed when she raises her eyebrows or if the lighting is right. When sliding a finger over it you cannot feel anything, the forehead feels normal even when she has her eyebrows raised. It looks like a soft slightly raised lump when you can notice it. I have taken her to the doctors but they could not see anything. I had to show them photos as sometimes it really stands out, other times you cannot see it. What should I do?

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Dr. M.l.kothari


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Small spot in center of forehead is seen in some pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity). As you know skull is made up of 16 small bones, these bones are attached with cartilages and get ossified with times. Due to some gaping, this swelling is seen. Give your kid Calcirol sachet once a week for five weeks, dissolve in two spoon water. Syrup Ostebon (Calcium) one teaspoon full twice a day. Feris drops 1 ml once a day. Zincovit drops one ml once a day. Vitanova drops 0.5 ml once a day. All the above for six months.

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