Q. Please advise ayurveda measures to get pregnant.

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Hi doctor,

I have PCOD problem for the last four years. I have been taking Kazharchi kaai powder with honey for the past three months and observed a regular period. But, the follicles are not growing properly. The FS study revealed that the follicles are MSF (multiple small follicles) ever since has known. I am planning to get conceive. Please suggest me the medication for the egg development for getting conceived. Please mention about the side effects of the suggested medicines. My age is 27. I got married before two years. My height is 165 cm and weight is 49 kg. After a month of Kazharchi kaai powder intake, the period was normal, but the bleeding quantity was very less. Fortunately, my last period was normal.

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Dr. Arul Amuthan

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You may continue the Kalarchi choornam. It should be prepared as follows. Kalarchi seed powder 100 g plus 10 g pepper. This will avoid the gas formation in stomach. Continue Kalarchi choornam until cycle is normalized that is three to four cycles and then stop it.

  • Kumari legiyam or Vaan kumari legiyam 1 g or Aloes compound tablet in the morning and evening before food. To be continued until pregnancy is confirmed.
  • Shatavari legiyam or Shatavari ghrita or Thanneer vittaan legiyam 1 g twice daily during 14th to 28th day of every period. To be continued until pregnancy is confirmed.
  • Ulundhu kazhi two times a day (as snacks) from day 1 to day 14. Vendhaya kazhi two times a day from day 15 to day 20. Ellu sweet from day 24 to day 28. The first bleeding spot is considered as day 1.
  • Kumatti ennai or Malai vembadi thailam. This oil 10 mL along with neeraahaaram (the previous evening, cooked rice should be mixed with hot water. The next morning drink only the water known as neeraahaaram). This should be taken during menstrual periods for day 1, 2 and 3 at early morning before 6 AM. This may cause diarrhea and vomiting. Do not worry.

Curd, curd rice, tender coconut water and lemon juice are to be consumed on these days. Strictly, no other diet. This will improve ovum growth and cause ovulation on day 14. Sexual contact should happen from day 11 to day 15. You can do scan to confirm the ovulation.

You can get vishnukranthi herbal from herbal shop. From day 1 to day14, boil this herb 10 g in 200 mL water till it reduces to 100 mL. This should be taken in morning empty stomach. All these medical advises favor the conception. All the best.

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