A denture is an appliance that is used to replace the missing tooth, and it is usually removable. Dentures help in mastication and provide a better appearance to the face after replacing the missing tooth. They are also available as full mouth dentures replacing all the tooth and removable partial dentures, replacing the missing tooth in the arch.

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How to restore my tooth?

Query: Hi doctor, I have neglected my dental health for a long time. I am a 62 year old married male. I have had several teeth extracted. I lived with a couple teeth whose caps have broken off on my left side and a few molars on the right for chewing. I am suffering from hypertension and is controlled wit...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Dentist, Endodontist, Pedodontist, Periodontist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to By reading about your symptoms, it seems that your root canal treated tooth is the one causing the problem. The rate of success of such root canal treatment is lesser in old age and also if you are diabetic. The only meaningful solution seems to remove the teeth and place...  Read Full »

Can you replace loose teeth with denture implants?

Query: Hi doctor, I have very bad teeth and all are loose. I want to take them all out and replace it with denture implants. What are my options? Please explain.  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Dentist, Endodontist, Pedodontist, Periodontist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to If most of the teeth are loose, then you can go for dentures after removing all of them. You will need to wait for at least three months after removing all to get a good seating denture. If you are going for implant supported dentures, then it is required that you unde...  Read Full »

Why do I find removing my denture difficult?

Query: Hi doctor, I am new to dentures. I am wearing it for approximately two months. When I take my dentures off, the Fixodent makes it difficult to remove and it tears my gums. I wanted to know if there is anything I can use to aid in the removal so that it is not so difficult, time consuming or painful ...  Read Full »

Dr. Nupur Prashant Shah


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern regarding your dental health. First of all, I would like to tell you that you will face little bit difficulty during wearing and replacing the denture as you are new to it. It will take time to your gum tissue to firm up and accommodate hard...  Read Full »

My mouth is swollen and I am unable to talk wearing dentures. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I had several teeth removed last week and was fitted with dentures. Woke up this morning and mouth was swollen and I could not talk with my dentures in. The mouth is still swollen four hours later. What should I do?  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Dentist, Endodontist, Pedodontist, Periodontist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You can remove the dentures for now and use warm salt water gargle twice a day for a few days. Allow it to heal and then start wearing your dentures. You can take anti-inflammatory medication if your doctor has prescribed else take rest and it will heal soon.  Read Full »

I have been getting peeling of skin inside my mouth. Is it due to my loose fitting dentures?

Query: Hello doctor, The last week two weeks I have been getting peeling in my mouth like on my cheeks. And I wanted to know if that is from loose fitting dentures or if I have not been cleaning them properly.  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Dentist, Endodontist, Pedodontist, Periodontist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Usually, vitamin B complex deficiency causes such peeling of the oral mucosa. If you are using dentures for a long time, then it may be the reason for this.Take a multivitamin once a day and eat a good healthy wholesome diet.  Read Full »

Can I use upper full denture to replace three missing front teeth?

Query: Hi doctor, I wanted to ask if it is possible to use an upper full denture to cover up my three missing teeth in the front? I only have one front tooth left and the other teeth in the back on both sides. Or should I try a different denture? Just wanted to know your opinion on this.  Read Full »

Dr. Geeth Sadasivam


Answer: Hi, Welcome to Full dentures are used to replace the whole lot of teeth when absent. In your case, as you have mentioned that you got only one front tooth left, it is much easier to replace only those lost teeth. So, the options here are removable partial dentures. Here you get regular ...  Read Full »

How many times can I take my denture out to clean?

Query: Hi doctor, I have done a bone graft on my front teeth for a dental implant. Now, I have a flipper (denture). Do I have to take the flipper out (denture) to clean it? For how many times do I have to clean it?  Read Full »

Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your question, and I can understand your concern about your denture. You have to take it out after having meals, and you have to clean it properly or keep it in water till you wear it next time. If you feel that you have halitosis (bad breath), then ...  Read Full »

A swollen bottom jaw is preventing the denture from release. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor, I am three days postop from a full mouth extraction with immediate dentures. My upper dentures are wonderful. But my bottom jaw has swollen very badly and I cannot get my bottom denture off. It is stuck due to swelling. I am so afraid of infection. What can I do other than ice and hea...  Read Full »

Dr. Paras Angrish

Dentist, Pedodontist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Generally, after insertion of an immediate denture, the patient feels numb and somewhat swollen from the local anesthetic and not really able to tell much about the comfort of the denture base and the fit of the denture teeth against the opposing jaw and teeth. Ex...  Read Full »

From the photos, kindly tell me if the fibroma on my soft palate is cancerous.

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 49 year old female weighing 135 lb. I am a smoker, I have had a sore in the soft palate area from two months. Initially, my dentist gave treatment for an ulcer. But now it has recurred, and my dentist believes it to be a fibroma. I read fibromas do not usually appear on soft pal...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.

Cardiologist, Criticalcare Physician, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to After seeing the pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity), the lesion looks like a fibroma. It is not a diagnosis neither this is the way we go clinically especially when it comes to diagnosis of suspicious growth. Fibromas are very common among oral gro...  Read Full »

Are full dentures the best option for gum disease and unsightly gaps?

Query: Hello doctor, I lost a tooth 20 years ago and now have severe gum disease and unsightly gaps where my other teeth have parted. Are full dentures the best option?  Read Full »

Dr. Swati P

Dentist, Radiologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Regarding your query, since you have lost just one tooth and you are still young, full dentures are not required. You can go for a cleaning (scaling) first and replacement of the tooth that you lost. You can either go for a bridge or implant, depending on your needs an...  Read Full »

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