The feeling of being lightheaded and unbalanced is called dizziness. Some of the causes of dizziness are vertigo, Meniere's disease, drop in blood pressure, anxiety disorders, ear infection, heat stroke, motion sickness, anemia, and a decrease in blood volume.

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Is medical attention needed for fainting from heat exhaustion and dehydration?

Query: Sudden dizziness and fainting. I’ve never fainted before. I fainted Today from heat exhaustion and dehydration, do I need Medical attention?  Read Full »

Dr. J N Naidu

Family Physician, General Practitioner

Answer: Hi, Sudden dizziness is due to inadequate blood supply to brain temporarily.Temporary dizziness may be caused by dehydration due to heat,excessive sweating,diarrhea.Even sudden fear ,anxiety can cause dizziness.  Read Full »

Why do I feel increased lightheadedness and pressure near the back of the neck?

Query: Hi doctor, I am suffering from increasing lightheadedness and pressure near the back of the neck. I have this throughout the day. It gets worse with exertion and hot shower. I have some weird feeling in chest that is almost a fast heartbeat. My EKG and blood pressure are normal. Currently, I am on P...  Read Full »

Dr. Eriol Braholli

Family Physician, General Medicine Physician, General Practitioner, General Surgeon, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. The common cause of dizziness or lightheadedness is abnormal blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. But, you said that your blood pressure and heart rhythm are normal. So, the other reason may be your depression medication. The common side effects of Prozac (Fluoxetine) ...  Read Full »

Why does my bilirubin level raised after I turned positive for COVID-19?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 28-year-old male. I am tested COVID positive on 13th May. After 20 days, I go through all blood tests in which I found serum bilirubin total is 2.8, direct-0.8 and indirect-2.0 are elevated. I am always getting a fever around 99.0 and pulse rate around 95 on resting. I also hav...  Read Full »

Dr. Prathish Kumar

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I went through your records (attachment removed to protect patient identity). I see that you were tested COVID positive on 13th May and your investigation was done on 30th May. It has been a month from the COVID test and two weeks passed after your LFT (liver functio...  Read Full »

Why am I feeling dizzy and extremely hot?

Query: Hello doctor, The following event has happened twice. I start feeling dizzy and extremely hot. I can feel my body heat through my shirt. I feel nauseated and was about to faint. Oddly, today, when I went to the kitchen to check my food in the microwave, I opened the fridge instead. When I tried to c...  Read Full »

Dr. Tim Evans

Family Physician, General Practitioner, General Surgeon

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I think the main thing to consider is whether this is something significant related to any cardiac or circulatory problems or whether this is something relatively minor. I would certainly suggest you visit your GP or family doctor. You will need to undergo an ECG (elec...  Read Full »

What causes a bitter taste, upset stomach, dizziness, and a rise in lymphocytes?

Query: I have been having a bitter taste,upset stomach, dizziness for about a month. A month ago i got labs everything was within normal ranges. My lymphocyte percentage was at 54% a week ago i have the same symptoms and Lymphocyte is at 56%. I am told its anxiety. Is that rise in lymphocyte normal?  Read Full »

Dr. Prathish Kumar

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Your lymphocyte percentage is not that significant to worry about. Still, it will be more informative if you can upload the full CBC panel for better analysis.. Your symptoms could be acid reflux induced gastritis or due to a stone in the gall bladder We need to investigate more before labell...  Read Full »

What could cause breathing difficulty with dizziness and pale?

Query: Hello doctor, I cannot breathe properly and I burp every few minutes. And I am always dizzy and pale. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. You might be suffering from low hemoglobin. The causes are many, but to start I want you to get some tests to help diagnose the problem. The possibilities are celiac disease, H pylori infections, food allergies, giardiasis, and autoimmune enteropathy. You also look...  Read Full »

My blood test shows 11.5 Hb. Should I take futher test to assess my breathlessness and dizziness?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 42 years old. I have heavy periods. I have my regular blood tests as I can feel so unwell with breathlessness and dizzy. I have low blood pressure and doctor never seems concerned as she says my results are around 11.5 but my systems really affect day to day life. Should I have f...  Read Full »

Dr. Parth R Goswami

Family Physician, General Practitioner, Hematologist, Pathologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Following is my opinion about your asked question. Your main complaint is breathing difficulty and dizziness. For that, you need to investigate further with complete CBC (Complete Blood Count) to check hemoglobin level. Your hemoglobin report is not attached herewit...  Read Full »

Will drugs advised for fatty liver cause heel pain?

Query: Hello doctor, I had a problem with lower left abdominal pain for 7 years which is diagnosed in 2017 as an umbilical hernia. I subsequently did the surgery in January 2018 and I was diagnosed with moderate fatty liver during the test prior to the surgery. But I was given Liv 52 to take for three mon...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I can imagine how difficult time you have doing all these visit to doctors. Well, I have gone through your history, I could not see you have any specific gastrointestinal issues at this moment. Your main concerns are related to the neurological department not a gastro...  Read Full »

How is dizziness treated?

Query: Hello doctor, I do not want to be sound like I am panicking, but I really do feel quite uneasy. Since I woke up I feel dizzy. My head is rolling and when I close my eyes, I feel like the world is rolling around in a full speed. It never happened with me any time before. I just had my lunch now, but ...  Read Full »

Dr. Aditi Gupta Jha

General Medicine Physician, General Practitioner, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. From your description it looks like you are suffering from dizziness. This could be due to two reasons. One is your blood pressure and the other is your body's balance mechanism. So, I would recommend that you get your blood pressure checked and also a physician in person...  Read Full »

What causes shaky abdominal pain with dizziness and breathing difficulty?

Query: Hello doctor, I experienced a sudden and severe pain in my stomach (lower part) and anus, which caused me to shake, become dizzy, and really pale, and I have difficulty breathing. I did not faint, but if I were standing up then, I probably would have. It happened to me once before and I was on my p...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Well, most of our patients initially complain to us about very vague symptoms at onset, just like yours. But we explore the possibility based on some more information and yes, of course, investigating them thoroughly. The pain you mention which made you still and s...  Read Full »

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