Q. Why am I having sharp and shooting pain in finger?

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Dr. Hariharan V
and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M

Hello doctor,

I am having a sharp, shooting pain in my middle finger. It is uninjured and there is no swelling, bruising, or discoloration. The pain is not constant. It comes when I press on something with that finger (it is my right middle finger), when I grip something at an uneven angle, and when pressure is applied to that finger. The pain is from the middle part of the finger to the tip. When the pain comes, its 10/10 on the pain scale- horrific. It takes 10 minutes to subside.

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Dr. Hariharan V

Diabetology General Medicine Internal Medicine Nutritionist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

There are a few possibilities based on your symptoms.

1. Sensory neuralgia- Due to diabetes. This is weakening of nerves due to diabetic neuropathy.

2. Sensory neuralgia due to cervical spondylosis- The nerves (electrical wires) to hand start from the spinal cord in the back side of the neck. If you have some neck problem, it may lead to this type of pain. To confirm it please tilt your head upwards and keep still for 30 seconds, if you feel pain in the back side of your neck or head, then you may have a neck disc problem.

3. Peripheral vascular disease due to diabetes- Diabetes can affect arteries (blood vessels carrying pure blood to hands). The arteries may be constricted leading to these symptoms

What to do?

1. Please check whether you have neck pain on bending your neck backward, if you get pain in the neck, then you may have a cervical disc problem. Various exercises for cervical spondylosis are available online. Please do that for 10 days. If symptoms are not relieved, consult an orthopedician.

2. If no pain in the neck, it may be due to diabetic neuropathy. See whether your blood sugar is under control. Start Multivitamin like Methylcobalamin containing tablets one in the morning along with other tablets. If the pain gets relieved, then you can continue to take that tablet regularly.

3. If the symptoms do not subside even after taking this tablet then please visit a radiologist for upper limb arterial doppler to check the arteries.

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