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Immobilizing the part of the vertebrae causing pain helps relieve symptoms related to back pain. In spinal fusion surgery, parts of the spine that cause pain due to arthritis, degeneration, stenosis, fracture, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, etc., are fused and immobilized. They do not limit motion, but they control hyper-flexible areas and limit their flexibility.

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Why do I have throbbing and burning pain down the thigh even after spinal fusion surgery?

Query: Hi doctor,I had L4-L5, and L5-S1 fused six years back and had right sacroiliac joint fusion four years ago. But, the pain persisted. I also had labral tear repair, gluteus medius and minimus, and bursectomy two years back, and still, the pain persisted. Now, five weeks post revision surgery of previ...  Read Full »

Dr. Varun Chaudhry

Answer: Hi,Welcome to icliniq.com.I understand your concern. The computed tomography (CT) scan for the thigh is unlikely to be helpful as only bony anatomy is well evaluated, and only minimal soft tissue and nerve fiber anatomy are visualized. Regarding the screws being near the sciatic nerve, that could be...  Read Full »

Are signs and symptoms vital for surgical correction of cervical stenosis?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 51 years old. I have been diagnosed with very severe cervical stenosis. I currently have no neurological deficits or pain. However, I have intermittent light numbness and tingling to the head and neck. I am curious if I have more options. My imaging results are as follows: 1) Si...  Read Full »

Dr. Ghayur Abbas

Answer: Hi, Welcome to iclinq.com. First of all, there is multi-level stenosis in radiology. And regarding the decision about surgery, we have to look at both radiology and patient clinical symptoms. At this moment, your radiology (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity) shows a problem, bu...  Read Full »

Can I perform all the physical activities normally after spinal fusion surgery?

Query: Hello doctor, It has been about a year since my fusion (T8, T9, T10). About three months after surgery, my fusion was healed (solid fusion). I went today just for a yearly X-ray. The doctor stated that everything still looks great. I feel like I can do everything I did before the injury. My doctor ...  Read Full »

Dr. Rahul Pramod Patil

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. You have undergone spinal fusion surgery. The surgery site has healed well from the attached photograph (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity). 1) You can do all your daily activities but avoid lifting weight. As the weight is transferred from above ...  Read Full »

When shall I resume to normal workout and sports activities after fusion of T8-T10?

Query: Hi doctor, I had a spinal fusion done from T8-T10 about four months ago. The doctor says that I am pretty much healed and can assume regular activities. My questions are, since that area (T8-T10) is not that mobile, would I be able to run, jump, play tennis, etc, in a year's time compared to a fus...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zubayer Alam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I can understand your concern. According to your statement, you had a spinal fusion surgery done from T8-T10 four months back and your query is about your abilities to perform strenuous activities after one year from the time of your operation. Actually, it will dep...  Read Full »

Is fusion surgery a good option for disc extrusion?

Query: Hi doctor, Four years before, I met with a car accident with no external injury. After a week, I started getting pain in my right buttock and calf area. Later, I was recommended for an MRI and found it was L4-L5 disc extrusion. I underwent the microscopic discectomy the same year. Now, for the pas...  Read Full »

Dr. Palanikumar Chellamuthu

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. A few observations are as follows. Your pain is on the right side and the MRI (date of examination not visible) says about the disc with stenosis more on left side (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Kindly inform me about any neurologic defects that your do...  Read Full »

How is facet hypertrophy treated?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 28 years old and suffering from facet hypertrophy. I have continuous lower back pain. I cannot stand for more than five minutes. I am taking Nuroday daily. I would like to know the treatment.  Read Full »

Dr. Akshay Kumar Saxena

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. You have mentioned that you are 28 years of age and have continuous lower back pain which I think is not responding to the medications and conservative management. Normally at this age, conservative management in the form of anti-inflammatory medications, intensive phy...  Read Full »

Are leg pain, burning sensation and numbness in feet post fusion surgery be due to arachnoiditis?

Query: Hello doctor, Four months post fusion surgery, I am having bilateral leg pain, burning sensations in legs down to feet, and nerve-like jolts in the left leg and numbness in toes and bottom feet. Wondering possibly arachnoiditis?  Read Full »

Dr. Vivek Chail

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Spine and lower back surgery is a procedure that can have variable post operative outcomes. It is found that in approximately 40 percent of patients, the symptoms are completely relieved after surgery. In another 40 percent, the symptoms might show mild improvement. ...  Read Full »

How long does spinal self fusion take?

Query: Hi doctor, I have constant low back pain. The pain is radiating from the lower back to the buttocks and both legs. There is a tingling sensation after exercise and walking. Before five years, I had a bad episode of back pain with sciatica. I was told that it was a slipped disc but did not get a sca...  Read Full »

Dr. Arvind Guru

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. Regarding the time required for fusion, it is highly variable and thus tough to say. I need to explain here that this process is usually a very slow one and occurs irregularly. For example, it can proceed 5% for a month and then stop. After a couple of days or months, it...  Read Full »

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