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Itchy Eyes

Itchy eyes can develop as a result of irritation, allergy, and infection. Irritants like dust and smoke, allergens like pollens, eye conditions like conjunctivitis, dry eyes, blepharitis, excessive screen time, etc., result in itchy eyes. Some people develop allergic eye reactions to contact lens solutions. They may or may not be accompanied by excessive tears, swelling, redness, and pain. As a result, itching necessitates rubbing the eyes, which should not be done as it may increase the chances of further infection and damage the eye.

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What is the reason for my itchy, burning, watery, and red eyes?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been experiencing itchy, burning, watery, and red eyes for around a month now. Initially, I only had watery eyes, after that, itchiness and burning sensations started. I tried using allergy eye relief drops for the symptoms, but I have finished an entire bottle without any impro...  Read Full »

Dr. Vaibhev Mittal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your query and understand your concern. It seems like you may have allergic conjunctivitis, which is a common condition that occurs when your eyes react to an allergen. This reaction causes the eyes to produce histamine, which leads to redness, swelling,...  Read Full »

While looking an object, my eyes keep watering and itching. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I have itchy and watery eyes. I cannot look at an object for a long time as tears come out from my eyes. I always blink and stay calm. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Skandha Harshita

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You are suffering from a condition called a dry eye. I advise you follow these precautions. Reduce the screen time which in turn increases the blink frequency. It gives you some relief. If still, it persists, you can use artificial tear supplements which are preservativ...  Read Full »

I am concerned about itching eyes, uninterrupted sneezes, and clogged nose along with throat irritation. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor,I have noticed itching in my eyes that continued with uninterrupted sneezing. After two days, I developed clogged nose and throat irritation. I am currently taking Declogen and am concerned about its treatment. Kindly help.Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Kaushal Bhavsar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. I advise you to follow the below-mentioned instructions. Take Allegra M (Montelukast) twice daily after some food. Use two puffs of nasal spray xylometazoline hydrochloride in each nostril twice daily. Carry out steam inhalation and wa...  Read Full »

Is my throat swollen due to pine tree pollen?

Query: Hello doctor, The symptoms I have are bad cold or strep throat, itchy eyes and throat but no cough. I do not have tonsils, but seems like there is a whitish puffiness on one side of my throat. It started five days ago and it has been getting mildly worse since then. I have been loading up on f...  Read Full »

Dr. Amol Kumar Wasudeorao Diwan

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As you have told that the symptoms started only after exposure to pine pollens, it is most likely that you are suffering from allergic rhinitis (seasonal). It usually presents with the typical symptoms as in your case. The best way is to prevent the exposure and stay a...  Read Full »

My left eyelid is swollen, itchy, and gets watery after staring at the laptop for 20 minutes. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, My left eyelid is swollen, red, and very itchy. Sometimes when l stare at my laptop for 20 minutes, it gets watery. I am currently using Antihistamines.  Read Full »

Dr. Gargi Madhukar Apte

Answer: Hello, Welcome to If your eyelid swelling is painful, then start warm compresses over it for one week and do it at least twice a day. If it is not painful but associated with itching, only start with cold compresses over it for one week and at least twice a day. Also, start with eyedr...  Read Full »

Why my eyes are red, watery, and itchy?

Query: Hello doctor, My eyes are red, watery, and itchy. I have a feeling I have sand in my eyes. The most irritating area is the tear ducts. Please, help me. I am just using red eye relief, but it does not help.  Read Full »

Dr. Manjunath Natarajan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Do you, by any chance, have a feeling that when you blink, you feel a pricking or pressure sensation on the inner side of your right eye? Do you also do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking or do you go out in the sun a lot? From the photos you have sent me (attachme...  Read Full »

What causes a red line in the eye of a baby?

Query: Hi doctor, My 10 months old baby boy got a red line in his right eye. Please give a solution for this. Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Asha Juliet Barboza

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Unfortunately, the photo is not very clear. If you can upload a better one with a front view, I would be able to make out better. A little more history is required too. You mentioned it is there for one month. Does this happen every day? Is the eye-watering? Does the...  Read Full »

I study online and have been having dry eyes, itchy eyelids, and allergies. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have dry eyes and allergy. I am studying online, my eyes get tired, and my lids are itchy. The current medications include Singular 10 mg, Phenergan 25 mg, and Lexapro 20 mg. In the past, over-the-counter dry eye drops and ointments were used for the same complaint. Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Gopal R. Damani

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The dryness in your eyes may be due to computer vision syndrome caused by your increased screen time. It forms a viscous cycle causing dryness, redness, and asthenopia symptoms. We need to break this cycle by undertaking the following steps. Use your screen four to six...  Read Full »

After my cornea transplant, I experienced eye itching, pain, and a pus-like discharge. What to do?

Query: Hello doctor, I had a cornea transplant in my right eye a few years ago. Currently, I have a peppery feeling in the eye, itching, a little pain, and sometimes pus-like discharge. What medications or eye drop is best for my situation? Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Here are a few general tips that might help alleviate your symptoms: Keep the eye area clean: Gently clean the eye using a clean, soft cloth and warm water. Avoid rubbing or scratching the eye. Use saline solution: You may try using over-the-counter sterile saline sol...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for itchy throat, nose and eyes with breathing difficulty?

Query: Hello doctor, I have an allergic itchy nose and throat and sneezing all the time, itchy eyes and coughing with a different sound. And also sometimes I have difficulties with breathing and I keep having itching throat. I went to the doctors they always give me medication that does not stop the alle...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Nasal congestion, running nose, itching of the nose, watering of eyes, sneezing, etc are classic symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Added to this breathing trouble, wheezing, and mucus production in lower airways are signs of asthma which signifies allergies of deeper air...  Read Full »

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