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Ivf Failure

Invitro fertilization involves a series of procedures for the conception of a child. It is a method of assisted reproduction where sperm and egg are combined outside the body. IVF failure occurs due to the quality of embryos. As they remain defective, and so the failure of the treatment occurs. The symptoms of IVF failure are bleeding, cramping, sore breasts, tiredness, and changes in discharge. It is managed by repeating it on viewing the condition of the patient carefully.

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Why am I having IVF failure even with good embryos?

Query: Hello doctor, Repeated IVF failure. I would just like an independent opinion, I am 34 years old and already had four failed IVF's. Not once was there a positive pregnancy test. I am healthy, gave birth to a healthy baby boy eight years back with my first husband who sadly passed on a few years ago....  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I completely empathize with you and understand your concerns here. The primary step where, in your case, things could have gone wrong is the stage of implantation over a non-receptive endometrium of the uterus when a top grade blastocyst is being transferred and each t...  Read Full »

Is it possible to prevent IVF failure?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had three IVF failures. Latest failure -four embryos transferred, two -day 3, two -day 5 (blastocyst with array), negative beta hCG. I want to know the reason for the failure.  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I am sorry that you had an IVF failure. The causes can be many, right from immature poor quality egg fertilization, inadequate endometrialization, inadequate post embryo transfer medical support, previous endometriosis or any subsistent pelvic or vaginal infection or a...  Read Full »

Can my sister have 2nd child through IVF or natural conception?

Query: Hello doctor, My sister's AMH is 0.7 ng/mL. She is 40 years old and trying for her second child. She conceived her first child naturally ten years back, but now she has one failed IVF and six failed IUIs, and spontaneous egg rupture before egg retrieval. But she is still trying for a second child. W...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Please send me a detailed gynecological, medical, and drug history. The normal level of AMH (anti‐Mullerian hormone) is 1.5 to 4 ng/mL. The lower level can be 1 ng/mL to have a conception. If we talk about how natura...  Read Full »

My IVF has failed and the APLA test came out positive. Will I be able to conceive in future?

Query: Hello doctor, I underwent an in vitro fertilization (IVF), and it was a failure. In the last two years, I have never conceived, and just before the IVF test, I was told I am APLA positive with an anti-beta-2-glycoprotein IgM value of 105.2mg/dL. I have been prescribed tablets HCQ 200 mg, Ecosprin 75...  Read Full »

Dr. Monica Mathur

Answer: Hello, Welcome to APLA (antiphospholipid antibody) test basically diagnoses certain antibodies which stop the embryo from growing. This is basically a bi-chemical test, and since you have undergone one IVF (in vitro fertilization), I would like to know whether your both tubes are open...  Read Full »

What is the reason for my IVF failure?

Query: Dear doctor, I am a 37 yrs old woman, I had my first conception at the age of 36 but in the 3rd month I had miscarriage, since then I'm trying to conceive. I tried IUI, IVF once each..but both gynecologist said that embryo used for IVF was of good quality, he said may be my egg quality i...  Read Full »

Dr. Priyanka Viswanath

Answer: Hi, Don't get disheartened and don't give up firstly if egg quality is not good embryo will not be good but one thing we need to remember here is that your age is not only affecting egg quality but rest of the uterus also. Once the embryo is placed inside u it will be ur uterus duty to take forward...  Read Full »

An ultrasound after IVF has no signs of a fetal pole. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a question about my pregnancy and my IVF transfer. I had an ultrasound five days back with my IVF doctor. They are calculating my pregnancy at seven weeks. I had a five-day embryo transfer last month and found out that I am pregnant. However, after my fourth ultrasound yesterday...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It seems it was anembryonic pregnancy means the sac was formed but without a fetal pole. Sac is not growing inside to have a fetal pole and gradually towards further stages of pregnancy even after hormonal support. It is a bit depressing but if you want to wait for some...  Read Full »

Can a raised TLC level cause harm to the fetus?

Query: Hello doctor, I am in the eighth week of an IVF pregnancy. I have already had three miscarriages before. I am on Filgrastim injections (10 units of insulin syringe), Dexona, Duphaston, Estrabet 2 mg two tablets thrice a day. My doctor got some blood tests done yesterday. The TLC was at 21000 per mic...  Read Full »

Dr. Singh Smrita

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Filgrastim injection that you are taking is responsible for the elevated TLC (total lymphocyte count). But you need not worry as the function of the Filgrastim is to cause multiplication of the white blood cells. Studies have shown that Filgrastim after IVF (in vitr...  Read Full »

I am 41-year-old and tried IVF twice but failed. Is it possible to get pregnant at this age?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 41-year-old and currently taking thyroid medications. I have tried IVF twice but failed. I had five follicles, and they were able to eject four, and I got only one embryo. But it failed. Why did I get only one embryo? We want a baby so much. Kindly suggest.  Read Full »

Dr. Balakrishnan R

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your query, and let me start with some background explaining your reason for the failure of IVF (in-vitro fertilization). When a girl is born, she comes with a fixed number of eggs. The highest number of seven million is present when you were in your moth...  Read Full »

Can previous IVF treatment cause change in menstrual cycle?

Query: Hello doctor, I did an IVF treatment just after I turned 41, to preserve my fertility (I am not diagnosed infertile). My first period was on seven days after the retrieval. The IVF failed, so I decided to try on my own with my husband for a couple of months. I did ovulation tracking, last month sta...  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Actually, it can be delayed by one week approximately due to hormone fluctuations and sometimes more, but as you mentioned, you tried to conceive between your ovulation days, but then you did the test, and they were negative. So, in such a case, when urine pregnancy te...  Read Full »

I had bad cramps on the first day of my periods. Is it due to the failed IVF?

Query: Hello doctor, I had a failed IVF (in vitro fertilization) back in early spring that ended up with overstimulated ovaries and horrible pain minutes after egg retrieval. Now when I have my periods, the first day is associated with bad cramps, and I feel dizzy. Does this have anything to do with the fa...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The symptoms that you are describing are suggestive of hyperstimulated polycystic ovarian syndrome that could be experienced in artificially stimulated ovaries. Abdominal bloating, fluid accumulation and hormonal side effects can add to the symptoms. Harsh egg retrie...  Read Full »

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