Q. Does Levofloxacin cure both chlamydia and gonorrhea?

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Hi doctor,

I did IgG test for HSV-1 and HSV-2 after four months of possible exposure, which was negative. Is it conclusive? Is there any need to do IgM test? If IgG is negative, can I consider that I am not infected?



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  • The time required for IgG (immunoglobulin G) antibodies to develop after the exposure to HSV (herpes simplex virus) is usually 21 to 42 days. A negative HSV IgG means that you have probably not been exposed to HSV.
  • HSV IgM (immunoglobulin M) will tell whether you have an acute or current infection. These usually takes 9 to 10 days to develop after the infection and lasts for 7 to 14 days.
  • If the high-risk exposure was four months back and there had been no other exposure, HSV IgG will suffice. I will also suggest that if you had a high-risk exposure, get your rapid HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) antibody test done.

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Hi doctor,

Thank you for replying. I have had an HIV antibody test, which was negative. But my chlamydia IgG is negative, and IgM is weakly positive. I took Doxy 1 L-DR forte for seven days after this exposure. I also got a gram stain urine test for gonococci, which was negative. Now I am taking Levofloxacin 750 mg for ten days as per my doctor's advice. Is negative HIV antibody test and HIV PCR conclusive after four months? Is negative gram stain urine test for gonococci definitive after four months? Why is chlamydia IgG negative and IgM weakly positive? Will urine PCR for chlamydia and gonococci detect infection if we check on the eighth day after exposure? For PCR, the first urine was taken at 6 AM and handed over to the laboratory at 10 AM. Will this time lag interfere with the final result? I had sex with my wife only once after this incident, and I have checked her urine routine today, I am attaching the reports. Does it mean that she is also infected? Does routine urine culture detect chlamydia or gonorrhea?



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I have seen your wife's report (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Answers to your queries are as follows.

  1. Yes, a negative HIV antibody test along with PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test done at four months is highly conclusive.
  2. Yes, a negative gram stain urine test for gonorrhea is again conclusive at four months.
  3. Chlamydia IgM weak positivity indicates recent chlamydia infection and after some duration, IgM will start waning and IgG will appear. It is possible to detect infection after eight days of exposure.
  4. This time lag is unlikely to affect PCR.
  5. Your wife's routine urine examination is normal. She was not tested for gonorrhea infection. Gonorrhea and chlamydia require specific tests.

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Hi doctor,

Thank you for the reply. Will Levofloxacin 750 mg cure chlamydia? Will a throat swab PCR detect both chlamydia and gonorrhea? After completing Levofloxacin, when should I get retested? Does Levofloxacin cure both chlamydia and gonorrhea? In my wife's routine urine test the pus cells and epithelial cells are above normal. Does it mean she has any infection?



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  • Levofloxacin 750 once a day for seven days will work for chlamydia. For chlamydia, a urine sample is given, and for gonorrhea, a throat swab is taken. Retesting is generally preferred at least after two weeks.
  • Yes, Levofloxacin is used for both chlamydia and gonorrhea infections. 
  • Your wife's routine urine examination is normal.

Hope your queries are answered, but if you still have any more questions, please revert.

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Hi Dr.

1) Attaching the Urine PCR test of my wife on the 8th day of exposure.Can I consider this results are conclusive? Is testing on 8th day too soon for this tests? whether I need to test again?

2) I have completed Levoflox 750 once a day for 10days.What test I have to do now to check whether infection is eliminated or not?

3) Earlier my IGM was weakly positive.After taking medication if infection is eliminated then whether the IGM will become negative?

4) whether I have to test IGG and IGM
# Hi Rahul!

Welcome again!
1) I could not see any attachment in this query. Testing or screening for Chlamydia can be done
as early as 24 hours after the exposure. The incubation period varies and it is suggested for the most accurate results get tested two weeks after the exposure. If Chlamydia test is positive, it is suggested to repeat the test after 2 weeks of treatment completion so as to confirm that Chlamydial infection is cleared from the body.
2) Chlamydia ELISA IgM & IgG
3) Yes, IgM will slowly wane off and IgG will appear and this will indicate protective immune response and a past infection.
4) Both to be tested again, as your earlier result was weakly reactive.

Hope your queries are answered, but if you still have any other question, please don't hesitate to ask or contact.

Best wishes!
--file attached--
# No file attached dear!
Hi Dr,

I tried to attach the report but unable to do so.Following are the results of the urine PCR of my wife did on the 8th day of exposure

Chlamydia Trachomatis
Mycoplasma Genetalium
Treponema pallidum DNA PCR
Gardnerella Vaginalis
Ureaplasm urealyticum/Pavum
Trichomonas Vaginalis

All are Negative and method is CE_IVD Approved real time PCR assay with high sensitivity and specificity

HSV1/2 DNA-- Negative- method is CE_iVD approved molecular diagnostic test Relatime qualitative PCR detects both HSV 1 & 2 with higher sensitivity and specificity.

Please tell whether this is conclusive?

2) My urine gram stain test for gonorrea is negative.Whether I will be infect oral gonorrea if the person with whom I engaged is having gonorrea? That is only oral gonorrea not gential gonorrea?
# Hi Rahul!

Welcome back!

1) The complete STD panel performed for your wife is conclusive.
2) Gonorrhoea can be acquired from a person infected with it, during oral sex. The bacteria spreads through oral sex with an infected partner. If you had oral sex with that person, throat swab is preferred.
Hope your query is answered, but please do not hesitate to ask or call for any doubts.

Best wishes!
Hi Dr
suppose the person I engaged is having gonorrea and Iam doing both inter course and oral whether I will be infect only oral gonorrea.I think If I do both act then I will infect genital aswellas oral.Iam asking this because my urine gram stain negative.I have engaged both oral aswellas intercourse
# Hi!

Most men who are infected with Gonorrhoea shows symptoms within​ two to five days after exposure, with a possibility of manifestation upto 30 days. This could be in the form of yellow- white discharge from penis/ burning in the urine/ pain or swelling of testicles.
Gonorrhoea infection of mouth is usually without symptoms. But if present, this includes soreness or redness in the mouth or throat. Throat swab culture test will help to determine the Gonorrhoea infection.

The specimen choice depends on sexual orientation of person besides other factors.
Urethral swab and or throat swab is preferred.
Urine sample is one of the specimen type suitable for PCR test

Hope you have got answers to your query, but please feel free to ask or call.

Best wishes!
Hi Dr,

1) Whether doing throat swab gram staining test detects oral gonorrea?

2) Whether routine throat swab culture detects oral gonorrea?

3) If both are not detect oral gonorrea then which test I have to do?

4) For throat swab test any preparation I have to do before test?
# Hi Rahul!

Welcome to icliniq!

1) Throat swab for Gonorrhoea is generally recommended in men who have sex with men and had oral sex. Gram stain is sensitive and specific for urethral sample but is not sufficient for throat sample. In addition to culture, NAAT is also available.
3) Although tests are very sensitive and specific and there is very small chance of being false Negative.
4) In throat sample, back of the throat and tonsillar area is swabbed with a sterile swab. Swab is just like a cotton bud but is smaller and round in shape. No prior preparation is required.
Hope your queries are answered, but feel free to ask any question.

Best wishes!
Hi Dr.

1) Today I met my doctor and told about the oral gonerea (Not tested).He has given me Azee 500 mg 2 tabs to be consumed once (Injection is allergic to me)
and cefixime 200mg twice daily for 1 week.Is it OK for oral gonorrea (If Iam affected).

2) If Iam doing routine Throat swab culture whether I need to tell lab to test oral gonorrea specifically or just ask them to do routine culture and I can find the same in the result.

3) If iam infected with oral gonarrea what will be written in the throat swab culture report?
# Hi!

1) you have been given adequate treatment. If you have yet not started the treatment, wait for it, if you are planning to go for throat swab. If you have already strated with it, inform the lab person about the medicines you are taking.
2)You need to tell that you require throat swab culture for Gonorrhoea.
3) Don't worry for report card. It will be given by designated lab person. It could be in the form of gram negative, oxidase positive diplococci isolated indicating Gonorrhoea or it can be Negative for it.

Hope your questions are answered but you are always welcome to ask or call anytime.

Best wishes!
Hi Dr

1) After treatment of chlamydia which test I have to do whether it is IGG and IGM or can I do Urine PCR? Which is most appropriate?

2) What about oral gonorrea which test I have to do after treatment PCR of throat swab or Culture?

3) As my gram stain urine test for gonorrea is Negative after 4.5 months ,is it need to repeat the same again ?

4) What other STD tests I have to do?

5) what about EBV and HPV?
# Hi Rahul!


1) You can go for urine PCR for Chlamydia.
3)No, you need not to repeat it.
4) VDRL for syphilis (if it has not been done before).
5) Just to highlight the fact that even if a partner has an STI, it does not necessarily leads to transmission. The risk of transmission from a single exposure is not known. There is no point of worrying of HPV/EBV. There is no need to go for it.

Hope I have answered your questions, but don't hesitate to ask or call anytime.

Best wishes!
Hi Dr

1) After treatment of chlamydia how many days the burning sensation of penis exists?

2) I have some small milky bubbles is seen in the lips especially in the corners.What may that? sometime my tongue looks white? Pls analyze this?
# Hi!
1) get your routine urine examination as well as urine Culture sensitivity.
2) There could be many causes. It requires proper examination. However, sending photos of lesions might be of some help.

Best wishes!

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