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Malaria is a parasitic blood disease, where the parasites are transmitted to human through bites of infected mosquitoes. The symptoms are fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, sweating, and abdominal pain. The first line drugs used to treat malaria are Artemether-Lumefantrine and Artesunate-Amodiaquine (ACTs).

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I want to take a malaria shot to prevent malaria. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I am worried about getting malaria on my upcoming trip to a country where it is very common. I heard there is a shot to prevent it, and I want to know more. Can you tell me about this malaria shot? How well it works, and if it has any harmful effects. Also, where can I get it? Can I ju...  Read Full »

Dr. Chibitam Hope Obia

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The malaria vaccine is widely available in all countries. It is effective and efficient and covers 100 % protection against malaria. No side effects have been reported so far. You can go to your regular clinic and take it. You can check out the country's local infectious...  Read Full »

Should I take malaria vaccine before travelling to a malaria-endemic zone?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 30-year-old male planning a trip to a malaria-endemic zone, and I am interested in learning more about the malaria vaccine. Can you provide information on the availability, effectiveness, and recommended dosage for the malaria vaccine? Additionally, are there any specific precaut...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Two malaria vaccines have been recommended for broader use by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): RTS, S/AS01 (RTS, S): This vaccine was the first malar...  Read Full »

Please clarify about the malaria vaccine's side effects.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 38-year-old male. I have experienced malaria three times in recent years, despite assuming that one episode would grant immunity. I came across information online about a potential malaria vaccine, and considering my job, which involves frequent travel to underdeveloped regio...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. There are two malaria vaccines endorsed for broader use by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): RTS,S/AS01 (RTS,S): Developed by GlaxoSmithKline, this vacc...  Read Full »

I have persistent headaches after a fever. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 22-year-old woman and am not on any medications except some Ibuprofen to get rid of a persistent headache. I have been feeling bad for more than a month now with no signs of a full recovery anytime soon. It started with simple fatigue, which I found odd. That developed into mild ...  Read Full »

Dr. Chibitam Hope Obia

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Regarding your symptoms, you have the following diagnosis: acute malaria with possible typhoid complications. Please do a malaria and typhoid test and please take the following: Tablet Acetaminophen 500 mg thric...  Read Full »

Will low neutrophil count be the cause for low-grade fever and joint pain?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 24-year-old female. I have done my blood work and the neutrophil count is very low 0.6 from normal in a matter of weeks and I do not understand why. Other symptoms, I am having are low-grade fever, joint pain (knees, hips, and shoulders), extreme fatigue, and spasms in my leg. A...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your concerns are valid. The symptoms could be due to a condition called neutropenia (low neutrophil counts). It is generally seen in conditions like infections viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections. Examples include HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), tuberculosis,...  Read Full »

Can dengue cause body pain, headache and skin rashes?

Query: Hi doctor, My daughter is 10 years old. For the past eight days, she has been suffering from body pain, headache, and some skin irritation. Her doctor said that it is pitta acidity. There is no improvement till date. Last year, during rainy season, she had some face and body irritation problem, whic...  Read Full »

Dr. Payas Joshi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to To understand the condition better I need to know the following things. 1. Where is the pain? Does she have generalized body pain or any joint pain ? Please specify. 2. What is the location of a headache, either forehead or back of the head? How does it improve and wh...  Read Full »

Could my flu-like symptoms be related to COVID-19 or HIV?

Query: Hello doctor, I recently had a severe flu-like illness about a week ago, which included a persistent sensation of mucus in my throat. I took some over-the-counter medication and felt better. However, a few days ago, I experienced a lot of stress, and for the past two days, I have been feeling weak...  Read Full »

Dr. Chibitam Hope Obia

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I want to reassure you that I am here to provide you with the best care possible. In relation to your symptoms, you have been diagnosed with malaria along with an upper respiratory tract infection. Have you undergone a PCR test to rule out COVID-19? I suggest you t...  Read Full »

Does my father have a high-grade fever with shivering and headache due to malaria?

Query: Hi doctor,My father is 61 years old suffering from shivering and a high-grade fever of 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. He is diabetic and having high blood pressure. Can I give him Lumerax 80 for the suspected malaria?  Read Full »

Dr. Suneetha B S

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Please mention whether he has any intermittent sweating. If yes, then mention the hours of having sweating episodes. Fever with chills and sweating can occur in both malaria and typhoid. Fever with chills can also occur due to urinary tract infections. Please mentio...  Read Full »

My spleen is enlarged, and CBC is normal. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I have enlarged spleen for the last two years. I am 24 years old, male. My spleen size went from 5.28 inches two years back to 5.5 to 5.6 inches four months back. My CBC report looks normal and I have a vitamin B12 level of 349 and a vitamin D of 11.13. I have MCV level 102.4 and MCH l...  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have reviewed your query and below is my opinion. The various causes for enlarged spleen include infection like malaria, Gaucher disease like storage disorder, hemolytic anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, infections, liver disease, etc. The CBC (complete blood count) ...  Read Full »

I underwent blood test this week. Kindly review my reports.

Query: Hello doctor, I got a blood test done this week. The investigations are as follows: Red cell distribution width is 11.4 %, platelets count is 130*10^3 per microliter of blood, and mean platelet volume is 13.3 fL. Morphology remarks: Giant platelets are seen, and small clumps of platelets are seen.  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Let me tell you that there are abnormalities like high MPV (mean platelet volume) and the presence of giant platelets. This type of picture occurs when there is platelet destruction. So, the bone marrow is stimulated more, and hence a lot of premature platelets get...  Read Full »

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