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Memory Loss

Age-related memory loss is common, as most people suffer from some degree of memory loss as they age. But, memory loss that becomes severe due to an underlying cause, such as Alzheimer's, vitamin B12 deficiency, sleep disorders, low oxygen supply to the brain, brain tumor, etc., can lead to severe complications.

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What are the symptoms of dementia?

Query: Hello doctor, Lately, I have been facing challenges with memory loss, confusion, and difficulty in completing everyday tasks. These symptoms have been affecting my daily life, and I am concerned they may be indicative of dementia. I would greatly appreciate your expertise in understanding the natur...  Read Full »

Dr. Seyedaidin Sajedi

Answer: Hello doctor, Welcome to I understand your concern. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Your age is not a typical age for dementia, so its probability is very low. Nevertheless, other potential causes should be evaluated. For anyone in your age with a memory problem, the below...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing memory issues. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 50-year-old lady and have been experiencing memory issues for the past year and it is affecting my daily life. I suspect it might be dementia. Can you help me understand how dementia affects the brain? What specific areas of the brain does dementia impact? How does dementia progr...  Read Full »

Dr. Arun Tungaria

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. Dementia primarily affects the hippocampus area of the brain. Yes, individuals with dementia often experience difficulties with memory, including forgetting daily routines and tasks they once performed routinely. As dementia progresses, the...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for sudden inability to recollect things for some time?

Query: Hello doctor, I am having blood pressure and diabetes. Currently, I am using Triolmezest 40 mg and Starpress XL 25 mg for blood pressure and Glimestar-M1 for diabetes. All levels are normal including lipid, echo, HbA1c, etc. Two days back, all of a sudden, my neck started paining and there was a bl...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Since you are a diabetic and hypertensive, in such a case I would like to evaluate you for the possibility of transient ischemic stroke (TIA). I would recommend an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain and a color Doppler. If all results are normal, then this could ...  Read Full »

What are the side effects of taking Adderall?

Query: Hi doctor, I have a 29 year old boyfriend, who weighs 190 lbs and 6 feet tall, he is a former athlete in college. He was diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia through the spinal tab, five years ago. He is now taking Adderall 60 mg a day total, spread over six times, and is using Flumazenil cream, wh...  Read Full »

Dr. Ramesh Kumar S

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Idiopathic hypersomnia is a sleep disorder even less common than narcolepsy, a rare sleep disease. The biggest distinguishing characteristics include differences in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the absence of cataplexy (a sudden weakness in the muscles while fully co...  Read Full »

Can Alzheimer's be cured?

Query: Hi doctor, My dad is 82 and has a loss in his memory. Our doctor reported him as an Alzheimer patient (G1). Is that curable?   Read Full »

Dr. Ambekar Sudheer

Answer: Hi, Welcome back to Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease as yet. All one can do is to take adequate precautions to prevent worsening of quality of life due to the memory loss and disorientation.   Read Full »

Can Modafinil help with my tiredness and sleepiness?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 34 years old mom of a 5 year old. I am excessively tired and have a need to sleep at all times. I had CBC done, and my eosinophils are high, and my MPV is low, but everything else came back fine. My body aches, and I feel horrible. I have bruises that appear out of nowhere all ove...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshuman Srivastava

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The symptoms which you described are suggestive of hematological disorder, which can explain both easy fatigability and bruises. You need to get your coagulation profile tested, and peripheral smear for any abnormal cell. Get ANA (antinuclear antibody) and CRP (C-reactive...  Read Full »

I have trouble remembering things. Please advise.

Query: Hello doctor,I have trouble remembering things. I am unable to recall what I ate yesterday. Even my son has the same problem; he cannot remember what he learned five minutes ago. As a result, he is scoring very low marks in his exams. Is this indicative of a dementia-related issue? Please guide us o...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for seeking help from a psychiatrist. I understand your concerns about your son, and it is unlikely that he has dementia. To enhance memory, both you and your son should consider incorporating the following lifestyle changes. Additionally, I suggest you fol...  Read Full »

What are the practical tips to improve memory and concentration?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 35-year-old female. I have been noticing instances where compared to my regular memories, I find it difficult to remember names, appointments, or specifics of recent conversations. I have also noticed a decline in my ability for continuous concentration, which has affected my pr...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for writing. I read your query and can understand your concern. Based on your description, it sounds like you may be experiencing symptoms of forgetfulness and decreased focus, which could be related to various factors such as stress, anxiety, sleep depriva...  Read Full »

I fear my mother has dementia. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I have noticed some changes in my mom's memory, which is concerning. Lately, she seems forgetful and sometimes confused. I have heard that these could be signs of dementia, and I am worried about her. What are the common symptoms of dementia, and how can we differentiate it from norma...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read the query, and I can understand your concern. Dementia is a general term for a group of symptoms that affect memory, thinking, and behavior. While it is true that some memory loss is a normal part of aging, dementia goes beyond that and significantly imp...  Read Full »

I am concerned about my memory loss. What could be the cause?

Query: Hi doctor,I am a 50-year-old woman who forgets things easily, experiencing memory loss that causes embarrassment. After some online research, I came across information related to Alzheimer's disease and a drug called Lecanemab. Could you please provide more information about Lecanemab and how it hel...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hi, Thanks for trusting us with your health care. I can understand your concerns, but please do not self-diagnose your mental illness. Do not rely on the internet as your doctor. It will surely misguide you. You must consult your nearest psychiatrist for an evaluation of dementia. You may have man...  Read Full »

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