Sleep Disturbances

The common sleep disturbances include snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation, and restless leg syndrome. A good nights sleep is essential for the normal functioning of the body as it can affect the hormone levels, mood, and weight. Polysomnography and actigraphy are the standard tests used to diagnose sleep disturbances.

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I frequently awaken at night. Is it due to anxiety and depression?

Query: Hello doctor, A little over two years ago, I experienced some stress in my life that resulted in a high level of anxiety and depression. I was prescribed Paxil and took it for one year. At the time, I was also taking Diovan and Atenolol for hypertension, Pantoprazole for reflux, and Simvastatin for ...  Read Full »

Dr. Bindiya Thakkar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Do you currently have hypertension? When you wake up early morning, do you have hot flashes or night sweats? Do you have headaches with these episodes? Have you checked your thyroid level recently? Any palpitations felt? If yes, have you had an EKG (Electrocardiogram) to...  Read Full »

Can I take 20 mg tablet of Fluoxetine thrice daily and one tablet of Zopiclone 3.75 mg once daily?

Query: Hello doctor,Can I take 20 mg tablet of Fluoxetine thrice daily and one tablet of Zopiclone 3.75 mg once daily?  Read Full »

Dr. Padmapriya Chandran

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. I understand your concern. Taking an overdose of medication will never help you. First of all, you have to be evaluated for sleep disturbance which can be a symptom of an underlying psychiatric problem. Fluoxetine can act as a stimulant and ...  Read Full »

I feel agitated, hyperactive, and have occasional suicidal thoughts after taking Clonazepam for a sleep disorder. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, It was five years back when I encountered sleep problem for the first time, and at that point, I was doing a night shift. I consulted a doctor, and he suggested me the medicine Clonazepam 0.5 mg. I had continued Clonazepam 0.5 mg for 1 year. After more than a year, I got to know from a...  Read Full »

Dr. Vivek Chail

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have read through your query in detail. Please find my observations below. Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine group of medicine and prescribed for psychiatric problems including seizure and panic disorder. Having suicidal thoughts is a known side effect of Clonazepam. Yo...  Read Full »

I felt some intense full-body vibrations and a buzzing sound while sleeping. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, My issue started two or three weeks ago, I was sleeping and felt some intense full-body vibrations and a buzzing sound. After that, it happened again after a week. Since then, I am afraid of sleep and have a low mood, heart palpitations, dizziness, and pressure in my head. Also, I have...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for taking help from a psychiatrist. I can understand the situation. You have anxiety and not an infection in the body. You should try to follow the below lifestyle and get the following blood tests to deal with it. You should do regular exercises for 30 ...  Read Full »

What is the best method to taper Alprazolam dosage?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 60 year old female in not too bad health. I have been on 0.25 mg of Xanax in the morning, and 0.50 mg of Xanax at bedtime, since the last three months. Now it is time to come off it. Also, I take 50 mg Pristiq in the morning. My doctor wants to change my Xanax schedule to 0.25...  Read Full »

Dr. Seikhoo Bishnoi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your query, and understand that you are looking to taper Xanax. Xanax is Alprazolam and is a benzodiazepine drug. Dose tapering after prolonged use should be done in a gradual manner. For my patients, I reduce the dose by 20 to 25 % every two weeks. Doses c...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing difficulties sleeping for the past few days. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I am a 32-year-old female. Nowadays, I am not getting good sleep at night. I sleep only for four hours a day. I sit in front of the computer for ten hours a day. Is this disturbing my sleep? How to get good sleep at night? Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Dhananjay Tiwari

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, long hours in front of the computer might be the reason for your disturbed sleep. You should improve your sleep hygiene. Things you should try to do: Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, even on weekends. 30 minutes before bedtime you should have...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing sleep apnea since a few days. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I think I might have sleep apnea. I am a 22-year-old male. About three weeks ago, I had a cold, and two weeks ago, I started to feel more tired than usual, with mild lightheadedness, although that has been improving. From more than two weeks ago until today, I have been suffering a lot of ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Patidar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Yes, you may have obstructive sleep apnea disorder. Though for confirmation polysomnography test is required. Your other set of symptoms are suggestive of anxiety which may be primary or secondary to your sleep apnea. Anxiety disorder is a comm...  Read Full »

I have observed changes in my sleep cycle along with concentration issues, and I am not feeling well mentally. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am not feeling well mentally. My sleep cycle changed last week and I am not able to concentrate on my studies. Sometimes I feel very happy and I do not know why suddenly I feel sad and start behaving like anything. Thank you.   Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hello doctor, I have read your query and understand your concern. I can understand your situation. You may have major depressive disorder due to underlying stress. There is non-pharmacological management for depression, you should try to follow the below guidelines to deal with it. It will help y...  Read Full »

I am suffering from, anger issues, disturbing dreams, and loneliness. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I am 20 years old. My height is 163 centimeters and I weigh 63 kilograms. I think I am dealing with some kind of depression. I am feeling lonely, get angry at everyone and end up crying every time. I also feel dejected and have disturbing dreams. Can you help me? Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Patidar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your situation. Depression is a very common illness with characteristic features of persistent low mood, fatigue, loss of pleasure in previously enjoyable activities, helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness with disturbed sleep and appetite. As per ...  Read Full »

Is It Tough To Overcome Benadryl Addiction And Get A Sound Sleep?

Query: Hi doctor, I am spending sleepless nights. I am struggling to fall asleep and often get disturbed by dreams. I feel restless legs throughout the night. The next morning when I wake up I feel fatigue. I am addicted to Benadryl to get sleep. But, I am trying to avoid it now. Please guide me for a s...  Read Full »

Dr. Bharat Udey

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As per your complaints, it seems that you might have developed dependence on Benadryl. And it is quite possible that due to this dependence you might be having these symptoms. Benadryl is basically a Codeine-based cough syrup, which is an antitussive agent OTC (over...  Read Full »

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