Q. The stretch marks on my inner thighs hurt. Please help.

Answered by Dr. Chaitra Prakash and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Image: The stretch marks on my inner thighs hurt.  Please help.

Hello doctor,

I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and buttocks area. When I sit for about 30 minutes, the stretch marks hurt (in the scale of 1-10, the pain is around 8). So, I have to stand up once in a while. More and more stretch marks appear when they hurt and they hurt too. It is very uncomfortable, and it already affects my work (programmer) where I have to sit all the time.

I have visited 4 dermatologists already, and one of them even said that stretch marks are not painful, maybe it is varicose veins. I already tried laser, derma roller, pain reliever, retin A, collagen cream and cocoa butter (but they did not work) as per doctors advise. This all started when I started gaining weight/muscle a few years ago. I already stopped going to the gym and all my supplements about a month ago, but the pain is still there.

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Dr. Chaitra Prakash


Welcome to icliniq.com.I have gone through your history and picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity). I get your worry.

I can see that you have already tried a lot of therapies for the same with not much relief. Weight gain is usually a gradual process and not much skin stretch pain is experienced. But few nerve endings become exposed to the exterior in the stretched skin. When weight loss occurs, stretched skin hangs back loose. But it is still not back to normal skin. It is still thin and exposing your sensitive nerves when you stretch, like when you sit or squat. This is why you get that pain sensation during such activity.Now having considered that you have tried most of the options, I would suggest you try a few additional measures that can help.

  1. If you are still on a weight loss plan, please do it very gradually. If you have already lost substantial weight, maintain good nutrition.
  2. Massage your skin with a moisturizer 2-3 times a day using Vitamin C serums or Cetaphil restoraderm to build a good epidermal barrier.
  3. You can use aloe vera based gels or ice when you have acute pain sensation.
  4. You can take Vitamin C capsules for better collagen formation.
  5. Changing postures from a constant stretched one often does help rebuild the skin.

Hi doctor,

Thank you for replying. I already bought collagen serum and vitamin c serum. Both did not work. I am still in pain. Is there a surgery to remove this? I am really depressed right now.


Dr. Chaitra Prakash


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

All the therapies to induce new skin formation in stretch marks especially the collagen may take about 4 to 12 weeks duration. It requires a multimodal approach to get the desired results. If the topical medications are not helping you much, please consult your dermatologist regarding microneedling and laser options.

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