Q. Why is a 3-year-old stuttering suddenly?

Answered by Dr. Rashi Verma and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

A 3-year-old just begins stuttering out of the clear blue. Should we be concerned?

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Dr. Rashi Verma
Family Physician, General Practitioner


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I have read your query.

Developmental stuttering is a common form of stuttering seen in children under 5 years. Stuttering occurs when a child is learning speech and language skills. It occurs because of the child's language and speech ability are unable to manage the child's verbal demands. They do not require any treatment as the stuttering stops as command over language and skills is obtained.

A speech language pathologist can help diagnose stuttering. No invasive testing is necessary. Typically, you or your child can describe stuttering symptoms, and a speech language pathologist can evaluate the degree to which your child stutters. Not all children who stutter will require treatment because developmental stuttering usually resolves with time. Speech therapy is an option for some children.

The best candidates for speech therapy include those who have stuttered for three to six months, have pronounced stuttering, struggle with stuttering or experience emotional difficulties because of stuttering, have a family history of stuttering.

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