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Estimated Due Date Calculator

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The Estimated Due Date Calculator helps you with an appropriate estimate of the delivery of your baby. The human gestation period is the same for everyone. It takes about 37 to 40 weeks (around 280 days) from the day of conception until the day of delivery.

The method utilized here is simple counting from the first day of your last period. For women with an average length of menstrual cycle, that day is usually about two weeks before conception, which explains why pregnancies are expected to last for 40 weeks. This method does not take into account how long your period actually is or when you think you might have conceived.

Only one in 20 women deliver on her due date. You are just as likely to go into labor any day during the two weeks before or after the estimated date. A talk with the healthcare provider will help you more.

First day of your last menstrual period (LMP)
Average length of your cycle


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How is an Average Length of a Menstrual Period Cycle calculated?

For this, you need to have a close observation at your menstrual cycles. The first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) is noted down every month and the days for each LMP are then counted. Thus, you arrive at the average length of your menstrual period cycle.

This is a list of the important weeks during your pregnancy.

  • Week 2   :  You are conceived.
  • Week 4   :  The pregnancy test is positive.
  • Week 5   :  Baby's organ formation starts. The heart starts functioning.
  • Week 10   :  All major organs are formed. The heartbeats are well-heard.
  • Week 12   :  Risk of miscarriage is reduced.
  • Week 14   :  The second trimester. Your pregnancy can now be announced!
  • Week 15   :  The baby can now see the light.
  • Week 16   :  The ultrasound can now reveal your baby's gender.
  • Week 18   :  Movements of your baby are felt.
  • Week 19   :  Your baby hears sounds.
  • Week 23   :  Baby born at this stage is called as a premature baby. Survival chances are still there.
  • Week 27   :  You are in your third trimester. Your baby can breathe.
  • Week 32   :  Baby's fingernails and toenails are formed.
  • Week 37   :  A full-term pregnancy is complete.
  • Week 40   :  Congratulations! You are due any time now.

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