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Positive Thoughts for a Healthy Pregnancy

Published on May 14, 2018 and last reviewed on Dec 10, 2021   -  5 min read


Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling in the world, but it also brings a lot of confusion and questions. Here, we have some tips for dealing with this period of mixed emotions to stay positive during pregnancy.

Positive Thoughts for a Healthy Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when the whole family feels elated. But, the mother witnesses many changes taking place inside, both physically and mentally. So, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Before discussing how to deal with the changes, let us discuss the in and out changes in a woman's body.

What Changes Occur During Pregnancy?

Scientifically, there are two types of changes in pregnancy. They are -

  1. Physical changes.

  2. Mental changes.

Physical Changes:

During these nine months of pregnancy, the immediate physical changes a pregnant woman will face are:

Many women are concerned more about their body shape during and after pregnancy. As it is a natural process during pregnancy, there is no need to be stressed. Instead, you can focus on exercise, yoga, meditation, and having positive thoughts to regain your body back to a fit and perfect shape.

Mental Changes:

These three emotions are common in most pregnant women. But, in these states, stress hormones are released, which may affect the baby's nervous system, and the baby might be underweight and premature.

What Are the Tips to Follow During pregnancy?

As the emotions of the pregnant women affect the baby a lot, the mother and even the entire family should take some necessary steps as follows,

  1. Hearing pleasant music will induce pleasure in the mother, releasing happiness hormones like endorphins, which help the baby be stress-free and grow relaxed.

  2. Your baby sees the world through your eyes before being born. Seeing a green environment (full of plants, trees, and flowers) will help you be relaxed. So, it will give a comfortable feeling to the baby as well.

  3. Meditating or simply even closing your eyes and visualizing or feeling the positiveness of being happy, healthy, and peaceful or talking to your unborn baby will make both the mother and baby feel enthusiastic about their relationship. The baby will respond to the mother as well. This, in turn, creates more joy for the mother.

  4. A baby shower is a celebration to welcome the baby to the world and welcome the lady to motherhood. This occasion makes the mother feel pleased about her pregnancy, gives her a comfort zone, and makes her feel the love of her family and friends, which makes the baby feel secure.

  5. Start reading positive-vibe books. You can also read parenthood books and feel yourself becoming very positive about being a good parent who will make your baby very confident once they come to the outside world.

  6. There is no need to worry about the delivery process as it becomes very easy for you and your baby once you are confident about yourself and your health. Talking to your baby positively will automatically set you to have a normal delivery.

How to Cultivate Positive Thoughts While I Am Pregnant?

A positive attitude increases your focus on eating, sleeping, and staying fit, which is needed to tackle changes during pregnancy and develop a unanimous relationship with your child. Although it is pretty impossible to neglect the stress-related causes altogether, you can try to handle them in a better way.

The following steps will help in cultivating good positive thoughts:

1. Cease Bad Habits:

Bad habits, if any, should be stopped. Pregnancy is the apt time you get out of those habits. Having a bad habit while you conceive does not mean that you can hold on to it till the end. Kick out your drinking or smoking habits as soon as possible to not affect the growing baby.

2. Get Ready for Parenting:

Are you gloomy about parenting? Do not worry. It is a common thing for every new parent. But trust me, you are definitely going to enjoy this period. To overcome this, you have to prepare yourself for parenting by asking help from the experts of parenting and childcare, reading relevant stuff about parenting, or talking with other new moms and getting the needed knowledge and confidence to step into this new phase of life. Also, boost your inner-self by affirmative thoughts like you will be a good parent for your child and raise him/her in a healthy manner.

3. Take Care of Your Health:

Do not have negative thoughts about your health. If you are obese, follow a sedentary lifestyle, or have pre-existing medical conditions like thyroid disorders or diabetes, do not worry and trust your body and healthcare professional. They will help you in your path of conception. If you can promptly follow the advice of your doctor, even overweight or obese persons can safely gain less than 15 pounds during pregnancy.

4. Stop Worrying About What Will Happen:

The complications of pregnancy and congenital disabilities surely torment every pregnant woman. Do not worry about it, instead believe that you will have a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby. With proper diet, exercise, prenatal vitamin supplements, and prenatal care, complications and defects can be prevented.

5. Go With the Flow:

Do not have pessimistic thoughts about having a cesarean section or epidural. Be prepared for whatever happens and try to have a positive approach even if things do not go well as planned. Rather than sticking your thoughts to normal delivery and considering it a failure, try to inculcate constructive ideas and think of cesarean or epidural as just another form of delivery for your baby to reach this world.

6. Be Financially Stable:

Do not be overly concerned about the financial aspect. Have positive thinking that although there will be expenses, you will figure out ways to overcome them.

What Are the Benefits of Having Positive Thoughts During Pregnancy?

Positive thoughts strengthen the areas of the brain and bring about the stimulation of positive feelings. Reciting the affirmations at least once daily will help build a positive and confident approach and reduce stress and anxiety.

A few of the affirmations include the following:

"I embrace the changes that occur in my body."

"My pregnancy bump and my body are beautiful."

"My baby will perceive my love."

"Both me and my baby are healthy."

"I trust that my body will nourish my baby and help my baby to grow."

"My body is suitable and is ready to give birth."

However, these affirmations should be tailor-made for each individual based on their physical and psychological condition.


In a nutshell, the central theme from many studies is that when a pregnant woman is stressed, stress hormones like cortisol are released, which affects her and the baby a lot and may even cause many psychological, neurological, and endocrine problems. And the converse also holds. When a pregnant woman is very happy, relaxed, and peaceful, her pleasure hormones are released, making the baby grow healthy, confident, and a happy person in the future.

Having periodic medical check-ups and a healthy lifestyle will make you comfortable during your pregnancy.


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