Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator


The Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator estimates the ideal weight gain for each month of your pregnancy on the basis of your height and weight. Pregnancy weight gain is crucial, not only to provide sufficient nourishment to the baby but also to accumulate adequate reserves for breastfeeding. Did you know it takes about 1000 to 1500 calories to produce milk?

This tool will help you to find out if the weight gain during your pregnancy is on the right track. Also, note that the pregnancy weight gain may differ from woman to woman and it also differs from pregnancy to pregnancy.

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Important Facts about Weight Gain in Pregnancy

The calculations are done with the help of Pre-Pregnancy BMI

BMI (Body Mass Index) Before Pregnancy Recommended Weight Gain for Pregnancy with Single Child Recommended Weight Gain for Pregnancy with Twins
Less than 18.5
(Under Weight)
28 to 40 pounds
(13 to 19 kg)
18.5 - 24.9
(Normal Weight)
25 to 35 pounds
(11 to 16 kg)
37 to 54 pounds
(17 to 25 kg)
25 - 29.9
(Over Weight)
15 to 25 pounds
(7 to 11 kg)
31 to 50 pounds
(14 to 23 kg)
30 or higher
11 to 20 pounds
(5 to 9 kg)
25 to 42 pounds
(11 to 19 kg)