Propoints Weight Watchers Calculator


Our Propoints Weight Watchers Calculator is an elite tool designed to aid people to lose those extra pounds and ameliorate their body weight. Food point values are assigned to each macro nutrients using the calorie indices. The final entity which is got by adding all the separate entities is the propoints. The main principle of this tool is to chart out an accurate weight loss plan thereby keeping the calorie intake lower than the daily calorie expenditure.

In other words, keeping the known parameters and different point systems in place, this calculator can be utilized to approximate the point value of a food.


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How are Propoints calculated?

The Propoints Weight Watchers use the below formula:

pp = max {round ([ (16×p) + (19×c) + (45×f) + (5×r) ] / 175 ) , 0}
pp stands for Propoints Weight Watchers
p stands for protein
c stands for carbohydrates
f stands for fat, and
r for dietary fiber.