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6 Best Homeopathic Remedies to Lose Weight

Written by
Dr. Sheetal Kamble
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22 Aug 2019  -  3 min read



Losing weight is not an easy task. Diet and exercise are the first steps in the weight loss journey. But, with the help of homeopathy, you can hasten the process of weight loss both safely as well as efficiently.

6 Best Homeopathic Remedies to Lose Weight

Many people tend to gain weight quickly. Obesity and being overweight are the leading issues among all age groups. Several factors contribute towards weight gain.

The common ones are

  • Diet and lack of physical activity - Regular intake of unhealthy fatty food and insufficient physical activities are the primary cause of obesity in children, teens, adults and elderly. Also, overeating is a common cause of obesity. All over the world, people have been suffering from obesity due to sedentary lifestyle and consumption of junk food. Many people consume very less amount of fresh food, fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods and tend to eat more of fatty and sugary products which has led to this epidemic.
  • Genetics - Genes play a significant role in causing obesity. If one or both the parents are obese, it is highly likely that the person will suffer from obesity as well.
  • Environmental/ psychological factors - Many people tend to eat more when they are emotionally disturbed. Excess stress, anger, sadness, loneliness, boredom, and other strong emotions force people to eat fatty junk food in order to feel good about themselves.
  • Certain medications and diseases - Medications like oral contraceptives are one of the triggering factors for rapid weight gain. Medical conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes, PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease), etc., are also major contributors to obesity.
  • Hormonal imbalances - Hormones are important contributors to obesity. Women tend to gain more weight during pregnancy and menopause due to hormones causing drastic changes in the body.

Homeopathy alone is not the answer for treating obesity and definitely not the substitute for diet and exercise. But, it will augment the weight loss by addressing the underlying health issues that is hampering the progress. Many people go for homeopathy for this purpose because it is the safest option with no side effects from the remedies.

Some of the common homeopathic remedies that help reduce weight are

1. Calcarea Carbonicum

This remedy is mainly indicated for people who have a tendency of slow metabolism, look chubby, and have excess fat in the abdominal area. These people usually suffer from constipation due to sluggish metabolic activity. Also, they tend to sweat a lot especially over the head and are very sensitive to cold weather.

Calc carb is also indicated in people who gain weight due to thyroid problems and pregnancy. This remedy can be indicated after proper evaluation of a person.

2. Lycopodium

This is one of the best remedies for losing weight. Lycopodium is mainly indicated in people who have a tendency to gain weight on the lower body parts like thighs and buttocks. Also, these people always complain of gastric troubles like flatulence, bloating in the abdomen, and constipation. They also have excessive hunger and a great tendency to eat far beyond the capacity, causing bloating immediately after eating food. Emotionally, they are very irritated people who have a tendency to get angry over small issues.

3. Natrum Muriaticum

This remedy is also indicated in people who have a tendency to accumulate fat in the lower body parts like buttocks and thighs. This remedy is mainly indicated in people who have a ravenous hunger, craving for salt, and a tendency towards headaches and migraines. These people tend to gain weight after heartbreak or during the phase of depression.

4. Natrum Phosphoricum

Mainly acts in people suffering from an excess of acidity, causing sour eructations (belching) and a sour taste in the mouth. This remedy is a pH balancer in the body and acts as natural antacids. Natrum Phos 6X two tablets twice a day before meals helps to reduce not only the weight but also indigestion and a burning sensation in the stomach.

5. Phytolacca

Phytolacca mainly acts by regulating the hunger pattern, and aiding proper digestion of food. It also balances the hormones and metabolic process of the body.

6. Fucus Vesiculosus

This is another excellent remedy for weight loss. This remedy is indicated when the weight gain or obesity is mainly due to thyroidism. It aids in weight loss by controlling the thyroid hormone. Like any other remedies, Fucus also helps to maintain the digestion and provides relief from constipation and flatulence. This remedy is usually given in the form of mother tincture which is liquid form. 10 to 15 drops of remedy can be taken twice a day.

There are several more homeopathic remedies for weight loss. However, most of them are prescribed based on the individual state of disposition and temperament. Since homeopathy is the safest option, it is definitely worth a try especially if you have tried all other ways like diet and exercise, with no satisfaction.

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22 Aug 2019  -  3 min read



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