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Solarized Water (Color Therapy)

Published on Aug 20, 2020   -  4 min read


Water that has been purified by exposing it to the sun is called solarized water or sun-charged water. Drinking sun-charged water kept in colored glass bottles has various benefits. Read the article to know more.


Solarized Water and Chromotherapy

A simple way of applying color to the body is by using solarized water, which is also called sun-filtered or sun-charged water. When exposed to sunlight, water in a colored container absorbs the vibrational energy of that particular color. This water can be used for drinking or bathing. This type of alternate remedy is called color therapy or chromotherapy.

Making Solarized Water

It is very straightforward to solarize or invigorate water. You will require-

  1. A plain and shaded glass bottle.

  2. Wooden rack.

  3. Mineral water or spring water.

To create solarized water, make sure you follow these rules and standard operating procedure-

  1. A bottle of the desired color should be washed and cleaned properly.

  2. Water should be filled until the neck of the bottle.

  3. The bottle then has to be placed on a wooden rack outside in open space, where sun rays fall legitimately on the container.

  4. The bottle should be left out ideally for 2 to 3 days. But if needed urgently, it can be charged for 8 hours.

  5. Contingent on how hot the climate is, in summers, the procedure of light assimilation should just take two or three hours, and in winters, it might be important to leave the bottles throughout the day.

Oils can likewise be stimulated by utilizing a similar strategy. Oils can be used for kneading; however, do not drink them!


In emergencies, the measurement can be increased.

Patients Care:

Approach the patient with a smiling face. Give them the recommended portion of water to drink.

Impacts of Colors

Blue-Solarized Water

Yellow-Solarized Water

Red-Solarized Water

Green-Solarized Water

Orange-Solarized Water

Chakras and Solarized Water:

The energy vibration of color is used to balance our physical and emotional state. Color is energy, which is required by all cells in our body to function. Different colors vibrate at different frequencies that complement our Chakras (energy centers). Candace Pert, a medical researcher, found that the seven Chakras are especially rich in neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are natural healers found in the body. Balancing these Chakras with the help of solarized water might help with various mental and physical illnesses.

Rainbow Color Therapy:

This therapy depends on the beneficial outcomes of utilizing color on the complimentary Chakras for therapeutic purposes to adjust the body's recuperating powers. If the Chakras are blocked or not balanced, the person becomes susceptible to diseases. With the use of specific color rays, beams can be consumed by the Chakras and reestablish its essentialness.

The word Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. In both Buddhism and Hinduism, the Chakras are said to be bright, colorful wheels that run along the spine from the base to the head. The wheels' size and brightness are associated with a person's growth and development, state of being, health conditions, stress, and energy. The colors of the Chakra wheel are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. You can drink or inhale colors, as mentioned in the sacred ancient Indian text. It is a deep-rooted treatment, classified in the Atharva Veda as Surya Kiran Chikitsaâ, healing with sun rays.

Violet Bottled Water - Crown of the Head (Thought)

The crown Chakra oversees the mind and pineal organ that secretes melatonin. Any imbalance can result in forlornness, misery, nervousness, disarray, and lack of care. Violet is related to spiritualism, faithfulness, and love. The utilization of violet color can be calming and promotes sleep and prevent sleep disorders.

Indigo Bottled Water - Above Eyebrows (Light)

The forehead Chakra controls the eyes, sinuses, and pituitary gland. When out of balance, one may encounter uncertainty, disarray, bad dreams, and helpless understanding. Indigo also has connections to eagerness, mental fortitude, authority, and calmness. It is additionally related to otherworldliness, devotion, and love. It builds understanding and supports elevated instincts.

Blue Bottled Water - Voice Box (Sound)

The throat Chakra controls the voice, endocrine organs, thyroid, and communication. It identifies with truth, respectability, tranquility, spiritualism, care, and generosity. It is related to confidence, mindfulness, harmony, and constancy.

Green Bottled Water - Heart (Air Component)

The heart Chakra oversees the heart and thymus. It reflects development, recuperating, sacrificial love, serenity, concordance, and expectation. It represents tranquility and calms the nerves. It is best used during times of emotional stress.

Yellow Bottled Water - Solar Plexus (Fire Component)

The spleen Chakra oversees the liver, spleen, stomach, and intestines. It represents persistence, resistance, satisfaction, joy, astuteness, and mental vitality. It is related to new horizons, sharpness, and achievement.

Orange Bottled Water - Abdomen (Water Component)

The sacral Chakra oversees the uterus, large intestine, prostate, ovaries, and testicles. It is an empowering color that represents purity, virtue, fellowship, and women's sensuality. It helps people who are depressed and prevents mood swings.

Red Bottled Water - Root (Earth Component)

The base Chakra oversees one's underlying foundations and individual endurance. It is related to blood circulation, blood pressure, inspiration, vitality, imperativeness, vitality, force, and inventiveness. It reflects resolution, life, and mental fortitude. It is an enthusiastic and empowering color and expels toxins.


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