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Say Bye to Cough the Naturopathic Way

Published on Apr 20, 2020 and last reviewed on Sep 20, 2022   -  4 min read


Not all types of cough are due to COVID -19. It is a very common problem that people often suffer from. Here are a few basic things about ways to treat a cough through natural remedies.

Say Bye to Cough the Naturopathic Way

What Is a Cough?

Coughing is a vital body defense mechanism. Coughing is the reaction of the body in which excess mucous is driven out. The air passage of lungs is lined by cells secreting mucus, which traps dust particles. When the cough is associated with sputum then it is called a wet cough. When the cough is without sputum then it is a dry cough. Coughing expels all the particles and foreign bodies from the windpipe and lungs. If left untreated, cough can get serious and result in pneumonia. When the cell lining your lungs get infected then inflammation occurs that leads to an increase in mucus secretion and leads to irritation and gives dry hacking sound as well. It affects all age groups.

What Are the Symptoms of a Cough?

The symptoms of a cough are:

What Are the Causes of a Cough?

The causes include:

  1. The real cause is the clogging of bronchial tube with waste matter.

  2. Inflammation of larynx or pharynx, maybe because of digestive disturbance.

  3. Due to weather or seasonal changes.

  4. Wrong feeding habits, such as overeating of bread, meat, sugar, porridge, puddings, and pies in winter.

How Is a Cough Treated?

When one notices any of the above symptoms of cough, then efforts should be made to avoid extensive cold items. A hot bath and chest pack are useful in the treatment of cough. Heavy and cough-producing diet like milk and milk products, sweets, etc., should be avoided. A light diet is preferred. Drink warm water. For a dry cough, a chest pack is beneficial.

Chromotherapy - Half a cup of water fillled in a green bottle charged with sun rays should be consumed empty stomach. Half a cup of water filled in a yellow bottle should be consumed after taking food daily morning and evening.

For overcoming cough with sputum that is wet cough, half a cup of water filled in a yellow bottle, duly charged with sun rays, must be consumed immediately after food.

Severe Cough:

Fasting on orange juice along with water till the severity gets reduced. Orange juice in warm water every two hours from 8 AM to 8 PM. After the juice fast, patient should adopt an all-fruit diet for two to three days.

In cases of mild cough, patient should start the all-fruit diet for five to seven days. Such a patient should take three meals a day of fresh fruit juice such as apples, pear, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, peaches, and melon. After the all-fruit diet, the patient should follow a well-balanced diet with emphasis on whole grain cereals, raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

Warm Water Enema - Warm water enema daily to cleanse the bowel is beneficial.

Home Remedies:

  • Grapes tone up the lungs and acts as an expectorant. Simple cold and cough are relieved through its use in a couple of days. Combination of honey with grape juice is very useful for cough.
  • Ginger juice mixed with honey is beneficial and can be consumed several times a day.
  • Almonds should be soaked in water for an hour then the skin should be peeled off. These almonds along with butter and sugar should be grounded well and then that paste should be given to the patient in the morning and evening.
  • Onion should be chopped fine and juice extracted from it. This juice is then mixed with honey and kept for four to five hours. This makes an excellent cough syrup. Also, onion juice, lemon, and a cup of boiling water can also be used. Some honey should be added for taste. This remedy should be taken two to three times a day.
  • Root of turmeric is very useful in dry cough. Turmeric root is roasted and then powdered. This powder is taken twice daily, once in the morning and in the evening.
  • Belleric Myrobalan - A mixture of this fruit, long pepper, and honey should be administered as treatment of cough. This fruit when dried is then covered with wheat flour and is roasted. This is a useful remedy for cough.
  • Raisins - Sauce prepared from raisins is useful in cough. This sauce is prepared by grinding 100 g of raisins with water. To this 100 g of sugar is added then this mixture should be heated and preserved when bulk has turned saucy. This sauce is then taken 20 g at bedtime daily.
  • Aniseed (Anise) - It is an effective remedy for hard-dry cough, that is, dry cough with difficult expectoration. It helps to break mucous. Tea with this spice should be consumed regularly for treating this condition.

In cough, Kunjal Kriya may be performed regularly in the morning for a few days. Thereafter, Vastra Dhauti and Jal Neti should be performed to eliminate or remove phlegm accumulated in the respiratory tract.

Yoga and Pranayama - The practice of Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, and Ujjayi Pranayam are advantageous in wet cough. Shitali and Sitkari Pranayama are especially useful in dry cough. The practice of Ghrit Neti before Pranayama definitely gives benefit.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Is Cough Treated With Naturopathy?

Drink water or orange juice quickly until the symptoms get better. Then, the patient should eat fruits for two to three days after the juice fast. After that, the patient should begin the all-fruit diet for five to seven days if they have a mild cough.


How Can a Cough Be Naturally Broken?

Natural way to break cough -
- Honey -  Honey, according to research, may ease a cough.
- Ginger -  Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger may alleviate asthmatic or dry coughs.
- Hot fluids, such as 
Steam - 
- The root of a marshmallow.
- Gargle with saltwater.
- Bromelain.
- Thyme.


How Can a Dry Cough Be Relieved in Just Five Minutes?

Inhaling steam. Steam from hot water can help moisturize the dry and irritated tissues in your throat and nasal passages. It can also reduce coughing and soothe irritation in sore throats.


How Can I Permanently Stop Coughing?

- Consume fluids. The throat's mucus is thinned by liquid.
- Swallow hard candy or cough drops. They might soothe an irritated throat and ease a dry cough.
- Think about taking honey. A teaspoon of honey might help a cough get better.
- Apply moisture to the air.
- Avoid using tobacco.


What Is the Quickest Treatment for a Cough?

With their warming properties, tea or lemon water can soothe a sore or raw coughing throat. Mucus is easier to cough up when warm fluids loosen it. A natural cough suppressant can be obtained by adding a few drops of honey.


What Causes Coughing in the First Place?

Causes of coughing are nasal or sinus-related allergies. Emphysema or chronic bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold and flu.


Is There a Way to Get Rid of a Cough That Works?

Honey and salt water gargling is the best home remedy for cough. Additionally, people can consume marshmallow root, turmeric, peppermint, ginger, slippery elm, thyme, or other herbal teas. Finally, there is evidence that probiotics and bromelain supplements can ease a cough, but more research is needed.


How Is a Cough Expelled?

Mucus containing foreign particles or irritants is expelled from the nasal cavity as the air suddenly bursts through the lungs with varying force.


What Beverages Ease Coughing?

Beverages such as tea, hot water, coffee, and soup ease coughing


What Beverage Is Helpful for Dry Coughs?

Following beverages ease a dry cough:
- Honey tea.
- Licorice root tea.
- Ginger tea.
- Marshmallow root tea.
- Green tea.
- Thyme tea.
- Peppermint tea.
- Other home remedies.


How Can You Alleviate a Nighttime Dry Cough?

Peppermint tea and peppermint lozenges are two examples of alleviating nighttime coughs. Try drinking peppermint tea before bed. Peppermint essential oil is used for aromatherapy.


What Exactly Is Heartburn?

Common heartburn symptoms include a burning sensation that can spread to the upper abdomen and the chest. Usually occurs while lying down or bending over after eating. However, it may wake you up, particularly if you ate within the previous two hours of going to bed.


Which Diseases Begin With a Cough?

Cough is the first of the following diseases. The flu and the common cold. Pneumonia and acute bronchitis are examples of lung infections. Postnasal drip with sinusitis. GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).


Why Do I Constantly Cough Dry?

Tobacco use, postnasal drip, asthma, and acid reflux are the most common causes of chronic coughs, although it can be challenging to identify the cause. Fortunately, once the underlying problem is treated, chronic cough typically goes away.


How Do I Get Rid of My COVID Cough?

People should take an expectorant if they have a wet cough with a lot of mucus to help clear the mucus. People should take a cough suppressant if they have a dry cough. People should pick the right one and try acetaminophen for pain.

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