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Breast Cancer - Causes, Symptoms, Types, Risk Factors,Diagnosis, Treatment , and Precaution

Published on Feb 11, 2021   -  7 min read


Breast cancer causes severe problems in female patients. Read this article to know more.


What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a condition in which there is an abnormal proliferation of the cells. It has the potential to cause severe destruction to the tissues. Cancer can be benign and malignant. The malignant type of cancer is responsible for life-threatening complications. The benign is usually harmless, and the symptoms can be managed with proper treatment. The biggest problem occurs when benign cancer turns out to be malignant cancer. Cancers can occur at any site and can spread to different parts of the body. Cancer that has increased ability to spread is a blood cancer. The other common types of cancer are lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a condition that can affect the breasts of women. Even young girls might be affected. In the United States of America, breast cancer is the common cause of complications of the breast. There is a common misconception that breast cancer can occur only in women. This is not true. In rare instances, the occurrence of breast cancer is noted in males also. Several awareness programs are conducted throughout the world to decrease the number of recorded cases. Due to the self-diagnosis and early diagnosis, a great decline in the rates of breast cancer has been noted.

What Are the Causes of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer can be caused by environmental factors, hormonal disturbances, and changes in lifestyle patterns. Genetic mutations have also been known to be the cause of breast cancer.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

The various signs and symptoms that are associated with breast cancer are:

What Are the Types of Breast Cancer?

There are different types of breast cancer. They are:

What Are the Risk Factors of Breast Cancer?

The risks associated with breast cancer are:

How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed?

Diagnosis of breast cancer requires the following procedure.

The diagnosis of breast cancer also requires staging of cancer. This will help in formulating a proper treatment plan. To stage breast cancer, the following techniques might be necessary.

What Is Self-Examination for Breast Cancer?

Before going to the doctor for any detection of the cancerous condition in the breast, one can perform a self-examination of the breast. Any positive finding in breast examination can be combined later with the advanced diagnostic procedure in the hospital. Self-examination of the breast is a very useful tool and can be performed a number of times without any expenses. The following steps are to be followed for self-examination of the breast.

What Should You Do When You Find Any Lump?

What Are the Treatment Options for Breast Cancer?

The various treatment option for breast cancer are:

The other procedures that are recommended for breast cancer are radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted drug therapy.

What Are the Precautionary Measures to Be Followed to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Even though women are at high risk for breast cancer, an individual can prevent them by following the below tips:

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