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Diabetes - How to Live Healthy

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Do not let diabetes stop you from leading the life you dream about. With little changes in lifestyle and attitude, you can lead a normal and happy life just like anybody else.

Diabetes - How to Live Healthy

Being diagnosed with diabetes can cause a lot of confusions and create many questions in your head. Make these simple lifestyle changes and experience the difference in your fight against diabetes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Can a Diabetic Person Do to Have a Healthy Life?

To live a normal life, a diabetic person can take certain measures like:  
  - Restricted and coordinated diet.
  - Physical exercise.
  - Hydration. 
  - Medication. 
  - Regular blood glucose monitoring.
  - Monitoring alcohol intake. Stress management.


Is It Possible to Have a Normal Life as a Diabetic?

It is possible to have a normal life with a diabetes diagnosis. One needs to inculcate several lifestyle modifications along with pharmacotherapy to keep diabetes-related complications at bay. Regular monitoring and follow-up are necessary to live a fairly normal and uncomplicated life.


What Not To Do if You Have Diabetes?

Diabetes management requires certain lifestyle changes like avoiding fried foods, high sodium food, baked goods, candies, icecreams, sugary beverages, carbonated drinks, too much alcohol, and stress.


What to Do to Naturally Reverse Diabetes?

Pre-diabetic conditions can be reversed naturally without the need for pharmacotherapeutic intervention. Some of the methods to naturally reverse diabetes are:
- Clean diet.
- Regular exercise.
- Weight loss.
- Smoking cessation.
- Carb-restrictive diet.
- Hydration.


How Good Is Fasting in Diabetics?

Diabetics under medication should not fast as it may lead to a hypoglycemic condition that arises from extremely low sugar in the blood and ultimately leads to diabetic ketoacidosis (excess ketone production in the body), which requires hospitalization.


How to Prevent Diabetes With Vitamins?

According to some studies, the intake of vitamins B1, B12, and D has shown evidence that links to lowering the risk of diabetes.


How Does Diabetes Make You Tired?

Tiredness or fatigue is associated with developing and diagnosed diabetic conditions and may persist even after achieving glycemic control. This is due to the biochemical and ionic changes in the muscles that impact their properties, leading to decreased ATP (adenosine triphosphate- source of energy) synthesis and resulting in fatigue.


Does Diabetes Make You Sleep More?

People with diabetes often have poor sleeping habits. The condition may induce an individual to sleep or may keep others awake.


What Is the Exercise Regime for Diabetics?

Exercise is one of the most important ways to control hyperglycemia. These include, but are not limited to, cycling, swimming, walking, team sports, aerobics, weight lifting, resistance band training, calisthenics, pilates, or yoga.


What Distance or Time Should a Diabetic Walk Every Day?

Supporting evidence suggests that going for a brisk walk for at least five days a week lasting a minimum of 30 minutes each day results in the good management of glucose levels and even lowering blood pressure.


How Does Diabetes Affect Your Memory?

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to cognitive impairment and memory loss, but the exact mechanism for the process is not unknown. A hypothesis suggests vascular impairment in the cranial blood vessels may be etiologic for brain damage.


Does Diabetes Make Someone Disabled?

Some countries like the US and the UK specifically categorize type-1 diabetes as a disability under the disability act, which ensures that people with diabetes have all the accommodations and rights to live a normal life. In many other countries, both type 1 and type 2 have been classified as disabilities.


Do Diabetic Patients Reive Any Benefits?

In the US, diabetes qualifies as a disability under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), which ensures legal protection against discrimination in the workplace and socially. Severe diabetic patients may qualify for benefits through the SSA (Social Security Administration), which gives disability insurance and supplemental income to qualifying patients.


Is It Possible to Prevent Diabetes if It Runs in the Family?

Even with a family history of diabetes, one can prevent such a diagnosis by eating healthy, being physically active, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight.


Who Is More Susceptible to Diabetes?

Certain people with traits may develop type-2 diabetes like:
- Age of 45 years and above.
- Familial history of diabetes.
- Race or ethnicity (African American, Hispanic, Latino, American Indian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander).
- Gestational diabetes.
- High blood pressure.
- Overweight.
- Excessive stress in life.

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