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About "Diabetology"

A Diabetologist is a practitioner specifically focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and control of diabetes and pre-diabetes, along with conducting research on the same with a broad knowledge of endocrinology as the base. They are different from a diabetician as the later advises diet for diabetics and has nothing to do with identifying and curing the disease.

On visiting them, they will begin with a detailed personal and medical history of yours, followed by a physical examination, checking your previous reports (if any), and advising you for certain laboratory tests, all of which will help in diagnosis and the treatment accordingly. Further, they will have follow-ups regularly to have a check on your sugar control and if required, modify the treatment.

The treatment can range from exercising and diet control to prescription of medicines along with other auxiliary management techniques. Since the sharing of documents and communication have become feasible, it is easy to consult a diabetologist online for your doubts and problems related to diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is a doctor who specializes in diabetes care called?

Both diabetologists and endocrinologists specialize in diabetes care. As diabetes is caused by insulin resistance of deficiency, which is secreted by the pancreas, it falls under endocrinological disorders.

Q.What is the role of a diabetologist?

A physician who is trained in the field of diabetology, which is the study of diabetes and its treatment, is called a diabetologist. Diabetologists help diagnose this condition, provide medical treatment for all types of diabetes, and try to prevent its complications.

Q.How many types of diabetes are there?

There are three main types of diabetes, which are:
- Type 1 diabetes - is an autoimmune condition that results from the immune system attacking and destroying the pancreatic cells.
- Type 2 diabetes - Here, insulin production is normal, but the body cannot use the available insulin properly to regulate blood sugar levels.
- Gestational diabetes - is the type of diabetes that affects pregnant women.

Q.Can diabetes be cured?

No, at present, there is no cure for diabetes. But with lifestyle modification and antidiabetic medicines, most patients can control their blood sugar levels effectively.

Q.How often should you consult a diabetologist?

If you are experiencing symptoms like increased hunger, thirst, frequent urination, and tiredness, consult a diabetologist, as these are the most common symptoms of diabetes. If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, then go for checkups every 4 to 6 months.

Q.When should men consult diabetologists?

If a man feels constantly feels hungry and thirsty, is always tired, and gets frequent infections, or if you are older than 45 years, then it is best to consult diabetologists. The doctor will run some tests to determine if your symptoms are because of diabetes or some other illness.

Q.What are the tests that a diabetologist uses to diagnose diabetes?

Some of the tests that your diabetologist will suggest you get are:
- Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c).
- Random blood sugar test.
- Fasting blood sugar test.
- Oral glucose tolerance test.

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