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How to Prevent an Injection Abscess

Written by Dr. Suneetha B S and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

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What Is An Abscess?

An ABSCESS is a pus filled mass, usually caused by infection.

An abscess is warm to touch and mostly painful. It can occur on any part of your body.

What Is An Injection Abscess?

An INJECTION ABSCESS is an abscess that occurs at the site of injection, usually occurring a few days after administration of injection.

It is very common in the gluteal region (buttocks). Rarely, the abscess breaks open on its own and releases the pus. In most cases it requires surgical intervention. The doctor cuts open the abscess to help in drainage of pus and relief from symptoms.

Symptoms of Injection Abscess:

These symptoms occur following administration of an injection.

  1. A painfulswelling that is warmto touch.
  2. Fevercan develop if the abscess is large or spreads to deeper tissues.

Visit your doctor if you have the above mentioned symptoms. The doctor will examine the abscess and decide future course of action.

Treatment of Injection Abscess:

If the abscess is small, the doctor may simply prescribe antibiotics that will ensure complete cure.

If the abscess is big, incision and drainage will be done. After administering anaesthesia, the doctor opens the abscess and drains the pus. The procedure is followed by bandaging the area and prescription of antibiotics. The anaesthesia makes the procedure painless.

Prevention of Injection Abscess:

Injection abscesses occur usually due to entry of infectious organisms during the penetration of needle into the skin. Make sure that aseptic measures are used before administering the injection at the hospital/clinic.

  1. Make sure that the area of skin to be injected is cleaned with spirit before administration of injection.
  2. Make sure a new syringe and needle are used for the injection.
  3. Never hesitate to ask any questions. If aseptic methods are not practiced, you have the right to ask, and you have the right to refuse the injection.
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