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About "General Practitioner"

A doctor who provides holistic treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, preventive care, and health education to patients is called a general practitioner (GP). They provide routine health care like physical examinations, immunizations, assess and treat various conditions, and also suggest methods to prevent illness. GPs give long-term treatments for both male and female patients of all age groups.

GP treat a wide range of medical conditions including infections, diabetes, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, management of chronic illness, and injuries. A GP can order various lab tests like electrocardiograms (ECG), blood sugar tests, lung function test, kidney function test, complete blood count (CBC), X-rays, ultrasound, etc. Some of the procedures performed by a GP are immunization, suturing, pap smears, breast and prostate examination, and collecting biopsies.

A general practitioner is the primary care provider, as they are the doctors that patients consult as soon as they develop any symptom of illness. A GP, through the patient's history, physical examination, lab tests, and other tests, help in the diagnosis of the health condition. They prescribe medicines or might perform minor procedures to treat you. If your condition requires special care, they might refer you to other specialists. If you want to find out the cause of your symptoms, you can consult a general practitioner online.

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