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Professional Bio

Professional Bio

During my thesis, I was working at a Galucoma department in a multidisciplinary hospital where i acquired vast knowledge in surgical treatment of anterior chamber pathologies along with treatment of chronic eye conditions such Glaucoma and pathologies of the retina. After acquiring my Ph.D title in 2005, I enhanced my knowledge in ophthalmology by addressing other eye pathologies such as refractive disorders, dry eye, retinal disorders. I worked as an ophthalmologist for 10 years in different hospitals where along with my primary responsibilities as an ophthalmologist and a surgeon, I continued to conduct clinical researches aiming towards improving treatment of different eye disorders

Academics & Trainings

Academics & Trainings



Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University




Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University




Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University


Awards & Publications

Awards & Publications

· Manual phacofragmentation in cataract surgery – 72 hrs. IR&TC “Eye microsurgery” Yekaterinburg

division– Russia. 2001

· CME accredited - Basic phacoemulsification in cataract surgery. XXII Congress of the ESCRS - Paris


· Laser surgery in ophthalmology – 144 hrs. Military Medical academy. St-Petersburg-Russia.2006.

. Hands on surgery advanced phaco course - 30 operations. Mahendra Eye Institute. Kanpur, India.



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Petersburg-Russia. 2002.

2. Lawand S.A., Tkasheva E.I.//Comparative evaluation of results after manual phacofragmentation.

2nd St-Petersburg State multiprofile hospital’s Jubilee book of articles. St-Petersburg-Russia. 2003

3. Lawand S.A.//The value of skills in manual phacofragmentation. I.P. Pavlov’s state medical

university’s conference of young scientists. St-Petersburg-Russia. 2004.

4. Lawand S.A.//The 6.0 mm scleral tunnel and the necessity of its closure. Book of abstracts. XXII

Congress of the ESCRS - Paris 2004

5. Lawand S.A., Astakhov Y.S.// manual phacofragmentation with an anterior chamber maintainer.

Book of articles in cataract surgery. IR&TC “Eye microsurgery” Orenburg division – Russia. 2005

6. Lawand S.A.// Dry eye syndrome combined with chronic meibomitis. Oculist Journal of

ophthalmology. St-Petersburg – Russia. 2007.

7. Lawand S.A., Dubaisi I.N.// Combined treatment of dry eye during chronic blepharitis. Advanced

Optometry. St-Petersburg – Russia. 2007.

8. Lawand S.A.// Dry eye in the UAE. Pan Arab medical journal. Jordan. 2009

9. Lawand S.A.// Hyperlipidemia - a predisposing factor to meibomian gland dysfunction. 6th

International Conference on the tear film & ocular surface. Florence – Italy. 2010

10. Lawand S.A.// No age limits in treatment of amblyopia. APAO Sydney – Australia. 2011

11. Lawand S.A., Eyadat Heba// Tear film consistency and its effect on visual acuity. EOC. Dubai – UAE.

12. Lawand S.A., Eyadat Heba// Normal tension glaucoma or hyperlipidemia related angiopahty. Royal

College of Ophthalmologists annual meeting. Birmingham – UK. 2014


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