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Could minor acne-like growth inside the rectum with no other symptoms be cancerous?


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Medically reviewed by

Dr. Sneha Kannan

Published At March 19, 2022
Reviewed AtNovember 8, 2023

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I am a 51-year-old male with OCD and slight hypochondriasis, currently taking tablet Prodep 20. I have no other health issues. Ten years ago, I had hemorrhoids and piles which were treated with medicines. After defecating, I have a habit of putting my washed finger inside my rectum and cleaning any leftover feces. Unless I do that, I somehow feel uncomfortable and this has been going on for the last 40 years. Off-late, after cleaning myself after defecation, I am able to feel some very minor goose-type or sandpaper-type acne inside my rectum. However, I do not have any pain or discomfort, no change in toilet flow, blood in stool, or loss of weight. I am very worried if these are early signs of polyps or cancer after looking through the internet even though I do not have the symptoms and polyps look different. From my description, do you think that this is anything serious like cancer? It would be nice if you could suggest any ointment to treat my condition.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I can understand your concern. I have gone through your details including past history of hemorrhoids. From your history, I don't think there is any serious issue like cancer. The most common symptoms of bowel, anal or rectal cancer are bleeding, weight loss, altered bowel habits, and bowel obstruction. The type of thing you feel while cleaning the anorectal region may be residual. Hemorrhoids, skin tags, or even polyps (they are of different types) and not all cause cancer. I think what you feel inside the ano-rectum is not anything dangerous. However, I would recommend you to get a colonoscopy, because your age is above 50 and it is recommended to be done every five years. I wish you good health and long life.

Investigations to be done

CBC (complete blood count). CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen). Colonoscopy.

Probable diagnosis


Treatment plan

Diet regimen (high-fiber diet). Avoid red meat and spicy food.

Regarding follow up

After colonoscopy.

Patient's Query

Thank you, doctor. Sorry to disturb you again.

I would like to understand if your request to do a colonoscopy is only because I am now over 50 years of age? From the previously mentioned symptoms, does it look serious? These minor acne-like growths in my rectum lining feel extremely minute, and I am not sure if it is a normal lining. Polyps look very different from my understanding and the images I have seen on the internet. So based on a probable diagnosis, you do not think this could be polyps? I know this will get confirmed after colonoscopy, but I wanted your thoughts based on my extra explanations, and I would like to know if my understanding is correct?


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

From your symptoms, it does not look serious. However, it is mandatory to do a colonoscopy to check entire bowel health, including the rectum where you are feeling the pimple-like lesions. Also, it is recommended worldwide to do a screening colonoscopy at your age.

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Dr. Arshad Hussain Shah
Dr. Arshad Hussain Shah

Medical oncology

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