Q. What is the harm of stopping Veltam plus in a person with BPH?

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Image: What is the harm of stopping Veltam plus in a person with BPH?

Hello doctor,

My father, 74 years of age, has BPH. He had UTI four years ago and was diagnosed with BPH. PSA was 60 and last three years was on Urimax and past few months on Veltamplus. His PSA is 0.9 prostate size 45 cc and PVR is 70 ml. His symptoms have been the urinary frequency of every two hours all these four years. One doctor has asked to continue the medication. On a recent visit to the second doctor, the new doctor asked to stop the medication. So, I wanted a third opinion. What is the harm if we stop? What is the benefit of continuing it? The medication lowers blood pressure. So, it is down from the 70s to 50s.

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Dr. Shahil Khant
Andrology, General Surgery, Urology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I would suggest you continue medicines as at present his flow (which is good) and postvoid (which is less, it should be less only) are because of medicines. I think if he stops the medicines then his urinary symptoms may get worse or postvoid may also increase.

There is no harm in taking medicines. Veltam plus (Tamsulosin and Dutasteride) may cause postural hypotension. If he is suffering from severe postural hypotension then he can stop Veltam plus.

So harms of stopping are: His urinary symptoms may worsen. His postvoid may increase. He may develop UTI (urinary tract infection).

Regarding frequency which is every two hours, I think at 74 years it is fine. Just continue as it is. Because apart from prostate there are many age-related changes in the bladder which cause these symptoms and which are inevitable and irreversible.

Until and unless very bad frequency like every half an hour then only intervene. Make some lifestyle changes like drink less water at night before bed. Avoid or reduce drinks which cause diuresis like coffee and tea.

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