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How to get relief from nose block?

How to get relief from nose block?

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Published At June 20, 2017
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Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

I am 32 years old. Since two weeks, I am suffering with cold, especially nose blockage. As per doctor advice, I had Mucolite SR and Mondeslor daily night. He also advised me to take vaporizer and salt water gargling but I did not do that. I used Otrivine nasal drop for immediate relief. When the symptoms reduced last week, I stopped the tablets but again I faced the same problem. I went back to the same doctor and he asked me to continue the tablets. Three days back, I had lower back pain due to improper sleep. Doctor advised me to do proper stretches as muscles are tight and prescribed me Pan 40, Zincovit, Ultracet. Almost the pain got relieved. I had erection and ejaculation problem, for which about two months back doctor advised me to take Absolut 3G once a day. I almost stopped it now. My doubts are, shall I continue Mucolite SR, Mondeslor in night as still I have cold problems (day before yesterday I had nasal congestion did vaporization in mid night which provided some relief but spoiled my sleep, today early morning had one nose blockage) and capsule Absolut 3G in the morning? Is it fine to discontinue lower back pain tablets and take when necessary? Can I take raw garlic apart from Absolut 3G? Which is the good form of garlic to eat and when? Is it necessary to take Absolut 3G also?. Pleas help.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I will answer your queries in the same order as you have asked me and explain to you the details wherever required. You can continue to take Mondeslor, Mucolite SR and Absolut 3G (omega 3) in the way you have told (and as advised by your doctor). Mucolite SR is a sustained release formulation of Ambroxol hydrochloride, which is a chemical that helps lighten the mucus and helps removal of phlegm/mucus. Mondeslor is a fixed dose combination of Desloratadine (recent antihistaminic that inhibits histamines which are involved in the pathophysiology of allergy, cold, inflammation, etc.) and Montelukast (antileukotriene, leukotrienes are mediators of allergy). Absolut 3G is a potent multivitamin with lot of flavanoids and carotenoids (antioxidants) obtained from herbs. It does not have any side effect. Also there is no contraindication for taking it alongside the other drugs you have mentioned. However, I will give you some suggestions regarding your cold/nose block. 1. If nose block does not get relieved by above measures, kindly consult an ENT specialist and let him examine you. Because the nasal symptoms could be due to allergic rhinitis or acute/chronic rhinitis which would need specific treatment other than Mondeslor and Mucolite SR. 2. You may require a short course of systemic antibiotics if the nose block is infective. Antibiotics will rid the nose off the bacteria and relieve the congestion. But, the antibiotic can be given only after a professional examination of your ear, nose and throat by an ENT specialist. 3. If allergic etiology is strongly suspected, after couple of investigations for confirmation, like serum IgE (immunoglobin E) and absolute eosinophil count, we can institute you on nasal sprays (steroid nasal sprays like Fluticasone). 4. Take steam inhalation routinely. Morning after waking up, take a big glass of water and do steam inhalation. Also repeat it before sleep. After steam inhalation do salt water gargling. Put two teaspoons full of salt in 200 mL water for gargling. 5. Desist from blowing your nose. Instead do hawking. 6. Avoid smoke/dust/cold winds/polluted areas. Try to wear a mask when you travel in bike/bus or when you cannot avoid polluted areas. 7. Do not smoke or drink or use any habit forming substances. A small amount of betel leaf once or twice a month is harmless though. 8. As the doctor has advised you to continue the tablets for a month, I do not support it. However, I feel you must consult an ENT specialist and let him decide whether you require a course of antibiotic/specialized treatment for allergic rhinitis or rhinitis etc. 9. You can discontinue the low back pain tablets. Take those tablets only when you have pain. 10. Zincovit is also a good multivitamin however it seems inferior to Absolut 3G. Hence, when you are already taking Absolut 3G, you need not take Zincovit. As excess vitamins will just get washed off from the body without getting assimilated. Some general measures to prevent back pain problems: Check your posture during work. Let it be comfortable. After few hours of sitting do some mild stretching and take a quick walk., Drink plenty of water, Find out what amount of sleep is apt for you. Sleep for that number of hours continuously in the night. Some people require 5 hours and others require 8 hours. There is no merit in breaking the total sleep into noon and night sleep. Night is when you require the entire amount of sleep in one go regardless of whether you have slept in the noon, Take good nutritious timely food. Make sure that your food is rich in proteins. Take vegetarian sources such as soya bean, soya milk, cow milk, curd, buttermilk, pulses and chana/chole. Non-vegetarian sources like fish (best source of animal protein with less fat/oils) and boiled chicken, Make an exercise routine and stick to the workout. Have 30 minutes of warm up/stretching exercises/yoga daily in addition to gym/weight lifting/strength training that you do. I suggest you take Ultracet, the painkiller should be taken after food. Pan-40 is Pantoprazole 40 mg to be taken before food when planning to take Ultracet. Pan 40 prevents gastric irritation by the painkiller. You can take raw garlic together with Absolut 3G. I would suggest you to take the raw garlic before sleep (preferably after food). This will avoid any bad odor from mouth emanating during day time when you will have work. Raw garlic comes as a tablet form by Himalaya. You may take that or the raw garlic itself. Chew well and swallow if taking raw. Since you say with Absolut 3G your erection problem got better well. I suggest you to continue Absolut 3G whenever you face that problem. It is a safe drug without any known side effects. With the details you gave such as having no allergy/cold where cold conditions are more severe, it does appear like your problem is allergy. The investigations I have listed can help diagnose the condition decisively. For treating allergy, it is imperative that you consult an ENT surgeon for initial examination. If you have any fever or bleeding from nose or crusting then it most probably may not be allergic, whereas it will be infective. In that case a short course of antibiotics will be beneficial. I hope this helps. Thank you and take care. Regards

Investigations to be done

Investigations to be done are :1. Serum IgE. 2. Absolute eosinophil count. 3. Nasal secretion swab culture and sensitivity (if routine antibiotic does not work for your condition).

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis: 1. Allergic rhinitis.

2. Vasomotor rhinitis.

3. Infective rhinosinusitis.

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Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N
Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Otolaryngology (E.N.T)

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