Colon Polyp

A colon polyp is a small growth in the inner part of the colon (a part of the large intestine). It mainly occurs due to genetic changes in the lining cells of the colon. It is mainly found in the elderly population. It generally does not cause any symptoms in the early stages.

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Can you please explain whether colon polyps have the ability to become cancerous?

Query: Hi doctor,I am a 38-year-old male. Before a year, I did a colonoscopy and endoscopy due to low iron, and stomach pain. It showed that I have celiac disease and the colonoscopy was clear except with a small 4 mm polyp. It was removed and tested. It was benign. The doctor told me that my colon is clea...  Read Full »

Dr. Rosita Alizadeh Shalchi

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern about your colon polyp. The risk of having a cancerous change in a new polyp is 1 to 2 percent and it takes around 5 years. Your fear has decreased your quality of life. I suggest you avoid minding the number or quality of stool because stress ...  Read Full »

Why am I having decreased appetite and abdominal pain with a headache?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 26 year old unmarried female. I am having decreased appetite, abdominal fullness, mucus in stools, dull pain in the upper abdomen, and get a headache sometimes. I have asthma and take Formosone 125 inhaler, Doxofylline, and Montelukast. I also keep getting aphthous ulcer every mo...  Read Full »

Dr. Arvind Guru

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for uploading the blood reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your renal and thyroid function are normal. The borderline value of potassium can be easily fixed by a good intake of fruits on a daily basis. Coming to your symptoms, I understand t...  Read Full »

Are thirteen colon polyps considered a lot?

Query: Hi doctor, Three months ago, I noticed blood in my stool two times and did a colonoscopy two days back. In a colonoscopy, 13 polyps were evident. I wanted to know the following. 1) I asked the doctor if this could be cancer, and he replied it might be pre-cancer. What does that mean? 2) In 13 pol...  Read Full »

Dr. Arvind Guru

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Question (1) and (3) and (4): Cancers have the appearance of an ulcerated, large mass infiltrating into the wall of the intestine. By the term pre-cancer, he probably meant that it did not have the features mentioned above and instead were smooth-surfaced polyps withou...  Read Full »

Why is there small and narrow stool with acute cramps?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 49 years old and I am suffering from health anxiety. I know that I am overthinking about my condition and I need your opinion. My bowel movement is fine. Before three days, I went to the toilet and got acute cramps for few seconds. I thought it as a spasm. I checked my stool and n...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Yes, cancer cannot develop overnight. Your stools are completely fine. There is no abnormal morphology. It is common to have cramping with bowel movements and it allows the stools to pass out. There are other signs that suggest the possibi...  Read Full »

Will long term use of laxative make my body dependent?

Query: Hello doctor, I am concerned about my health. I am all the time constipated, which is causing bleeding, and lately quite excessive. I have a healthy lifestyle, and a personalized dietician for my diet. I eat a lot of fiber and wholegrain foods, and I do not eat processed food. I am drinking plenty ...  Read Full »

Dr. Manisha Raghunath Auradkar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. As you mentioned, polyps were found in the colonoscopies. This is the reason for your bowel irregularities. Has your doctor confirmed any diagnosis through all these check-ups? There is a need for additional diagnostic tests to unde...  Read Full »

Can EMR and ESD clear gastric polyp, or is surgery needed?

Query: Hi doctor, I have a history of hematemesis, and the endoscopy revealed gastric polyps. Three different biopsies show hyperplastic polyp with mild to moderate dysplasia, for resection. Can EMR or ESD clear them or only surgery like distal gastrectomy can be done? An endoscopic picture is available.  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, I doubt if it is hyperplastic polyps that are showing dysplasia. Since hyperplastic polyps are purely benign polyps of the stomach, they do not need resection. And biopsy to be done only to confirm hyperplastic polyps. Kindly upload the endoscopic picture and h...  Read Full »

Why is there intermittent rectal bleeding with bloody mucus?

Query: Hi doctor, I currently have intermittent rectal bleeding. It has been happening on and off for about two months, typically once or twice a month, but it happened three times yesterday and three times today. What happens is I will have a regular bowel movement, then about 30 minutes later, feel like...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Have you lost any weight in the last two months? Do you have a reduced appetite? Do you have any family history of colon (large bowel) polyps or cancers? The picture you uploaded (attachment removed to protect patient identity) seems that blood is coming out of ...  Read Full »

Is a family history of colon cancer considered high risk?

Query: Hello doctor,A polypoid mucosa with budded branched and crowded hyperchromatic cells that replace normal goblet cells increased cell turnover notes. What does this mean?  Read Full »

Dr. Ajit Naniksingh Kukreja

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for writing in. You have not provided the history of your illness, apart from the fact that this report is also a part of a full report. Yet a generalized report of this type points to dysplasia. If you need precise information, please share your detailed histor...  Read Full »

Do low RBC count and high IG count have any underlying pathology?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 58-year-old male with a height of 6.3 feet and weight 315 lbs. I had a CBC test done this week. The RBC, HGB, and HCT results were below average. There was an IG, and it was 0.05, and the reference range is 0.00-0.003. The IG % was 0.90, and the reference range is 0.00-1.00. This ...  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Sorry for the delayed response. Following is my opinion on your asked question. The low hemoglobin and hematocrit were due to mild anemia. It could be due to any internal or intestinal bleeding or due to piles. RBC (red blood cells) count can come low due to low hemoglo...  Read Full »

What is your opinion regarding my wife's colon polyp?

Query: Hi doctor, My wife has been detected to have a 1.5 cm sessile polyp in descending colon in colonoscopy. One doctor said that there is nothing to be worried as it is harmless and the other says just opposite. Please give your opinion.  Read Full »

Dr. Sadaf Mustafa

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Before I answer your question, can you please kindly share some more information. Is this the only polyp detected? Does she have a family history of colon cancer? Did she have any bleeding or it was a screening colonoscopy? Is this her first colonoscopy? If no, then w...  Read Full »

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