Q. Will antifungal treatment cure dandruff and hair loss?

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Hello doctor,

I have attached a test report for fungal overgrowth. Can you please look at the report and let me know if you suggest an antifungal treatment? I also have a lot of dandruff in my head and hair loss.



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I have seen your report and have found a fungal growth. Before going to suggest you the treatment, I would like to know some more things. Send me the following details. Your occupation, what specimen you submitted, what is your clinical complaint, how long you are suffering from the present complaint, treatment history, any additional complaint.

Thank you doctor,

I work in IT industry. I had submitted blood for the rests. My main complaint is dandruff and intolerance to foods high in yeast for the past two years. I have not taken any treatment till now. I have taken multiple antibiotics for bacterial infections. There are no additional complaints. I do have digestive issues and multiple food intolerance. I also have gut flora imbalance and am low on good bacteria. Digestion issues and food intolerance are there for the past few years. I am right now on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet.



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Organism isolated from your blood is a yeast but usually do not cause any disease and also not associated with dandruff (attachment removed to protect patient identity). There are several causes of dandruff so we cannot correlate this isolate as a causative agent for your illness. Gastric disturbance may be because of alteration in normal gut flora.

In such a situation I would like to suggest you take medication with some dietary precaution. Take your diet on regular time daily. Evening meal should be taken at least two hours before going to bed. Take probiotics preparation available in the market for one month. If having hyperacidity, evaluate it. For dandruff, use antidandruff shampoo containing Ketoconazole 2 % like Z Ketocare or Scalpe plus once or twice weekly. Do not use hair gel or any other body lotion for the scalp. Take Multivitamin tablet containing Vitamin C and E like Natvie C daily. If there is severe itching, massage Betamethasone (steroidal) containing lotion every night. Avoid rich fat-containing diet. Besides all the above, once consult your physician for complete body checkup to find out any other hormonal imbalance as it can also lead to illness like yours.

Thank you doctor,

I have read that there are studies that high-level Candida colonization is associated with several diseases of the gastrointestinal tract including Crohn's disease and irritable bowel. I had a high IgG intolerance to Brewers yeast in a blood test. If I take anything that is high in yeast or glutamate then I do get slightly anxious. I am taking Saccharomyces Boulardi and Bifidobacteria probiotics and these two seem to help. I am wondering whether this fungal overgrowth can cause inflammation in my body?



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Candida colonization may lead to gut inflammation or other gut disturbances but there may be some reason for such a colonization. Usually, such colonization takes place in an immunocompromised state, after prolonged antibiotic therapy, immunosuppressive therapy, etc. This colonization occurs as an opportunistic infection. But you have been detected yeast in your blood so I suggest you to test for stool culture for the fungus that will help in detection of the type of gut infection. The organism in blood does not indicate that it is a primary source of gut colonization. Further, I will suggest you take probiotics containing bacteria, not the yeast which you are taking as Saccharomyces Boulardi. Some immunological disease like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease also manifest like your gut complaint but for which I cannot give you any support, you need to consult a gastroenterologist. I can only guide you in case of infections related to your system.

Hello Dr Manish,
Thanks doctor for your responose.

I was told saccharomyces boulardii is a good yeast as compared to the Candida species. Hence I was talking this supplement.

As far as the cause is concerned, I do have FUT2 gene mutations which cause a lack of good bacteria in the gut.

At the same time I would to address this yeast overgrowth as new research has implicated Candida to be causing many systemic health issues.

If Candida takes up residence, first it implants itself in the walls of your intestines using its hypha (foot) to dig in. This creates easy passage for foods to cause sensitivities, especially gluten intolerance. Candida also causes the release of acetaldehyde, which is the same as the intermediate by-product of the digestion of alcoholic beverages (which explains why I cannot tolerate alcohol). The enzyme required to break down the acetaldehyde is used up by the Candida infection. There are a lot of people who have confirmed that the an “active Candida” can cause many problems including IBS, gluten intolerance, other food sensitivities, thyroid issues, nutrient deficiencies (due to inflammation of intestines and inability to absorb properly), and many other issues.

As Candida proliferates, the fungus releases toxins (waste products called mycotoxins) that further weaken the immune system.

Here are some articles:

Hence I was hoping that you would prescribe an anti-fungal that can atleast bring down the yeast overgrowth while I continue to balance the good/bad bacteria ratio through probiotics.
# Dear sir
I have already told you about managment options for your complaint . However further would like to explain you about your query . First you must know that Candida is a genus and there are so many species of candida prevalent in environment . All spp are not pathogenic , meaning all spp are not associated with human infection .

Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, Candida glabrata , Candida cruzie ets are some of the spp which are commonly associated with human infection .
You have send me your report where you have been isolated Candida apicola ,that is not considered commonly associated with human infection .
I do not recommend antifungal treatment for Candida colonization usually, but if you wish to take antifungal treament you can take Itraconazole 250 mg two times a day for 7 days . Usually good immune system help in removing all colonization . Practically if you are having yeast allergy you should avoid to take Scharrromysis ,this is my opinion , otherwise you are free to decide about yourselves
thank you .feel free to communicate,

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