Q. Can severe acid reflux turn my teeth translucent, and cause gums to recede?

Answered by Dr. Honey Arora and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hi doctor,

Lately, I noticed that my teeth are not the best looking. I had acid reflux. I looked up a lot of stuff about acid in the mouth, and looking at my teeth I think this is what is happening. My teeth started turning translucent two weeks ago. When I looked it up, it said that it could occur when too much of acid is introduced into the mouth. They start to go translucent means that enamel is lost and your teeth will start to decay. The earliest stage is white spots on the teeth, where cavities or decay would form and when your mouth is exposed to a lot of acids it can eat away your gums and loosen your teeth. So, I think that, from throwing up in my mouth almost 40 times a day, my teeth are getting translucent and I have four white spots on the front teeth. My gums have receded, and my teeth are loose. It is scaring me lately.

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Dr. Honey Arora
Dentistry, Oral Implantologist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

The symptoms that you have explained are right.

  • If you have acid reflux problem and in your case, it looks like there is too much of acid refluxing in your mouth from the stomach. This acid can erode your teeth making the enamel thin due to loss of minerals.
  • I have commonly seen patients with severe acid reflux to lose their teeth due to the erosive action of acid, as well as damage to the gums.
  • White spots can be the most primary form of tooth decay that can progressively convert into deep caries.
  • My suggestion to you is, first of all, consult a gastroenterologist and get a proper gastrointestinal examination done, and start your treatment for acid reflux, as it can also cause other problems like reflux oesophagitis. Get an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy done.
  • Also, consult a dentist and get evaluated and get a full mouth x-ray (panoramic x-ray). It can help in ruling out the damage to the underlying bone supporting the teeth, as you have gum recession also.
  • Proper cleaning and curettage of the teeth and gums followed by filling of the teeth that have started decaying will help in the longevity of your teeth. Maintain a good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day with ultrasoft toothbrush and gargle after every meal.
  • Avoid spicy and heavy meals. Do regular workout for reducing acid reflux.
  • Please send me a scan of your x-ray, so that I can evaluate and advise you on the treatment as x-ray will give a far clear picture of your teeth, gums and surrounding tissues.

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