Q. What could be the adverse effects of following restrictive dieting?

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Dr. Alka
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Hello doctor,

1. What are the dangerous effects of restrictive dieting?

2. What vitamins help the people in losing weight?

3. How the basal metabolism rate (BMR) connects with weight gain or loss?

Kindly help.

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Dr. Alka

Ayurveda Specialist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Side effects of restrictive dieting may include more cravings for food and overeating, lower metabolism rate, bone density can also decrease, intestinal health may also get affected adversely. Vitamin B complex helps in reducing the weight because it maintains our normal metabolism. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy our body requires for normal functioning at rest.

If a person has low BMR due to underlying health issue like hypothyroidism, then it may lead to weight gain because the body is not producing proper energy and the calorie-burning is lower. However, our diet, lifestyle, and exercise also affect BMR.

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