Q. The tooth nearby the extracted site is hurting and feels like going to fall or crack. What to do?

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Dr. Tooba Qazi
and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A

Hello doctor,

I had a tooth removed a while back, and the tooth next to it feels lower down, and I get toothache every so often my dentist said there is nothing wrong, but I feel it is going to fall out or crack and I have pain when I bite down. I cannot eat the rest off my teeth without really biting down, and when I do it hurts and feels like it is pushing my tooth back up, I cannot even bite down gentle without it hurting.

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Dr. Tooba Qazi



Welcome to icliniq.com.

There might be following conditions involved in your case,

1. The tooth you got extracted would be a bit higher and functioning before extraction, that would be used in your bite and the second tooth would be malaligned and a bit lower in height. Once it got extracted now the second lower tooth is only there for a bite and chewing function all chewing load is shifted to it, so it started hurting, and it is not easy for you to eat from this side.

2. There could be an infection or a hairline fracture or split in this tooth that needs to be diagnosed through X-ray and some clinical examinations. Addressing your first condition, the treatment could be a prosthesis. You need a bridge that can adjust your bite and level down the chewing forces to all teeth equally and your generalized aching will be resolved. While for your second type of condition, the tooth will be treated according to diagnosis. If the infection is there, then root canal treatment is required along with the cap. If there is a bite fracture, then extraction is recommended.

Kindly provide me with X-rays so I can suggest you the appropriate treatment. I hope this helps you. Feel free to ask if you have further queries.

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