Q. I have gas formation, constipation and gallstone. What can be done?

Answered by Dr. Parth R Goswami and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.
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Hello doctor,

I am 27 years old, height is 65 inches. Weight 56 kg now. Three months ago weight was 57.5. kg. Sleep 6 to 7 hours. About two years ago, weight was 58.5 kg. Blood pressure usually normal but sometimes low. I have a gas formation problem for about four years. Maximum time no pain but gas and heavy feeling in the abdomen. 11 months ago I did ultrasonography and got that gallbladder stones (3 to 4 stones larger size 0.6 cm). I am taking homeo medicine. Gallstone and constipation. Truly say in a month 12 days I feel good and 18 days I got gas problem but within last seven months sometimes I feel weak (tiredness). Within the last five months, my weight is not increasing and my hands are getting thin. Sometimes, I need to take Ranitidine tablet when much gas. I had a rheumatic fever at age 8 and took allopathic treatment till 20 years of age. Oracink tablet. Please, suggest me. Do I need to do any blood test? I will do an ultrasound after two months. I am taking Iron Vitamin capsule Zilvit according to the suggestion of relative. About four months ago I took Zilvit for 20 days and feel good. Homeo doctor said that he should not give other medicine for weakness.

About 2 to 3 years ago I took Mazpro, Omeprazole tablet sometimes but most of the times it took time to remove the gas problem. Now I am taking homeo medicine for gallstones (eight months running) and took homeo medicine for constipation for four months from the same doctor. The allopathic doctor who did ultrasound suggests that there is no need to hurry to surgery and can wait for about one year.

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Dr. Parth R Goswami

M.B.B.S., M.D
Hematology Pathology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Your three main concern is the weakness, gallstone, and gas problem. For weakness following workup can be done:

  1. Serum calcium level.
  2. Serum sodium, potassium.
  3. Serum TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to rule out hypothyroidism.
  4. CBC to check Hb level to rule out anemia.
  5. SGOT, SGPT, urea, creatinine to rule out liver and kidney disease.

Investigate with above investigations as you have a weakness for many days. If still no cause for weakness found than EMG (electromyography) done.

For gallstone, if no symptoms mean no abdominal pain present than surgery not needed. Ursodeoxycholic acid tablet 300 mg OD (once daily) can be prescribed for that. Avoid high fatty foods and reduce weight.

For gas problem following measures can be taken:

  1. Avoid stress, smoking.
  2. Avoid excess carbonated drink intake.
  3. Avoid high fatty foods.
  4. If needed, Simethicone containing tablet or sachet can be prescribed.

Take care.

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