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Gingival Problems

Gingiva serves as a barrier in protecting teeth and their supporting structures. Bacteria present in the plaque is the leading cause of gingival problems. The common gingival problems are gingivitis, periodontitis, gum recession, gum abscess, and oral cancer. The risk factors are smoking, diabetes, genetics, and nutrition deficiency. The symptoms are redness, swelling, bleeding on brushing, and receding gums. It can be treated by scaling, root planing, medications, surgery, and bone grafts.

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I have a bleeding bulge on my gums. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, In between my teeth, I have a bulge on my gums. What could it possibly be? It popped this morning, and blood came out. Since I am afraid to go to the dentist, I want to know whether I need to wait and see.  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. It could be a gingival polyp (nodular gingival lesion that is non-neoplastic), which can develop due to food being trapped there for a few days causing infection. I suggest you do gargling with warm salt water twice a week, followed by app...  Read Full »

My gum was injured accidentally. Can you help?

Query: Hi doctor, I accidentally sliced my bottom gum off the front of my bottom front teeth months ago, but it has not completely grown back or reattached. It still moves if I push my tongue against it. Is there a gum glue I could buy, or do I need to see a dentist to address it? Kindly help.   Read Full »

Dr. Geethanjali. S. S

Answer: Hi, We welcome you to icliniq family. I appreciate the confidence you place in me for your healthcare consultation. I understand your concern. Gum tears usually heal on their own within a maximum of two weeks. If it has not healed yet, there may be factors causing further injury, such as aggress...  Read Full »

How to treat my recurrent gingival polyp?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a gingival polyp that has been removed three times but keeps growing back. Do I have to live with this or is there a way to permanently remove this?  Read Full »

Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I had gone through your question I can understand your concern. No, you do not have to live with it throughout your life. Make sure you get the polyp excised from a periodontist or an oral surgeon. There are chances of recurrences sometimes and because of your bad luck,...  Read Full »

Can retainers cause my molar to be slightly wiggly?

Query: Hello doctor, I suspect that I have receding gums. My molar tooth is slightly wiggly but does not affect my eating at all. There is a black line (kind of denting in) on the side of my molar. I do put on retainers, but not very regularly. Could that be why my molar is shaky?   Read Full »

Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Yes, you do have a little bit of gingival recession (attachment removed to protect patient identity) but it is not too much to be treated with surgical intervention. You need to replace your brush and use an ultra-soft brush. Avoid soft drinks if you are taking too much...  Read Full »

I have receding gums. Is filling in this area advisable?

Query: Hello doctor, Is having a filling material applied to the gumline where it is receding a good solution? What are the risks with such a procedure? I have receding gums on three upper teeth and three lower teeth on the left. I have no pain or problems. I have all my teeth and they are generally health...  Read Full »

Dr. Geethanjali. S. S

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have read through your medical history and the present complaint as well. First of all, I would like you to know that receding gums is such a normal thing to happen especially at your age. You have also mentioned that there is no pain or decay in those teeth you poin...  Read Full »

I have gum bleeding despite using mouthwash. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, From two to three weeks I have been experiencing buccal bleeding. I have inflamed gingiva behind one of the upper teeth. I can sense the lump with my tongue on the gum. I went to the dentist and he told me that it was gingivitis and he gave me a special mouthwash for gingivitis. But, I do...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The photos are not at all clear to give exact diagnosis (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You should start taking antibiotics like Amoxicillin and Metronidazole for five days to reduce the gum swelling. If you can buy medicine over-the-counter then buy t...  Read Full »

I have had dry mouth for about two months, along with swollen and sensitive gums behind my upper front teeth. What could be done?

Query: Hello doctor, The bump behind my top two front teeth is swollen and slightly tender. It has been this way for approximately 2 months now. I went to my dentist who suggested that I take out my Invisalign to see if that was the problem because my primary care doctor could not find any reason behind th...  Read Full »

Dr. Bharat Joshi

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Please be aware. It is nothing but inflammatory gingival enlargement (in front also but localized) due to either any preoperative trauma or any injury in the past. I suggest you do not worry. Go for gingivoplasty (the surgical recontouring of the gingival tissue surroun...  Read Full »

I am a 20-year-old male. I have white lines or patches on my gums, both below and above the teeth. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 20-year-old male who does not smoke. Recently, I have noticed the presence of white lines or patches on my gums, both above and below my teeth. I am wondering if this is something I should be worried about. I am well aware that my dental health is not ideal, and I have a denta...  Read Full »

Dr. Achanta Krishna Swaroop

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. It is important to understand that not all oral lesions indicate cancer. White and red lesions are relatively common. Upon examination, I have noted a substantial buildup of calculus on your teeth, along with signs of gingi...  Read Full »

I have been suffering from gum recession. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor, I have been suffering from gum recession. I visited the dentist but the doctor said that gum grafting is not possible. Is there any other option? Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Bharat Joshi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to See grafting is done for class 1 and 2 in Miller's classification. Beyond that the prognosis becomes poor. Other options are removable partial dentures or implants. However, if you can share the clinical picture with me I can suggest the best treatment with a good prog...  Read Full »

Why do I have sensitivity and gum pain upon face stretching?

Query: Hello doctor, A few months ago, I started suffering from tooth sensitivity, and one day suddenly, I noticed that it was gone. So after a few days, I tried to eat a cold jelly with pineapple. Right after I ate, my tooth pain triggered, and my tooth nerve hurt so much that it radiated into my head. I ...  Read Full »

Dr. Aditi Bhatia

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Firstly send some pictures and an X-ray of the concerned tooth. It is likely possible that your tooth is having reversible or irreversible pulpitis. Therefore, you should seek a physical visit and gets X-rays of the...  Read Full »

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