Ischemic Heart Disease

Ischemic heart disease, otherwise called coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease, is when the blood supply to the heart is reduced due to the narrowing of the major blood vessels of the heart. Fatty deposits (plaque) on the walls of these blood vessels is the cause. The symptoms of this disease include chest pain, shortness of breath, and heart attack.

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How to confirm whether my dizziness is due to hypertension or BPPV?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 75 years old. I have IHD, mild hypertension, diabetes, BPPV, and hypothyroidism for several years. I am herewith giving the BP readings taken last week. I am taking Betacard 50 mg, Ismo 10 mg, and Amlodipine 5 mg for several years. I was told that I had T wave inversion in V4, V...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Cardiologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Family Physician, General Practitioner

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Firstly, regarding T wave inversions, as you mentioned, you are a case of IHD (ischemic heart disease), so these changes will be persistent throughout the life, and these are likely old changes. You are likely a case of essential hypertension, which is similar t...  Read Full »

Could increased heart rate after exercise be benign?

Query: Hello doctor, My husband is 48 years old. He is in good physical shape and healthy, exercises regularly, and takes a healthy diet. During exercise, his heart rate gets to 200 bpm when at maximum exertion, which felt slightly high for his age. In mentioning this to his GP, she suggested a stress tes...  Read Full »

Dr. Ilir Sharka


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I passed carefully through your husband's medical history and uploaded the test (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and would explain that his test is suspicious of potential ischemic cardiac disorder. In this regard, further clinical investig...  Read Full »

How to treat inferior wall ischemia with STEMI in mentally retarded patient?

Query: Hello doctor, I try to help a mentally limited woman of 36 with ACS complaint from which the ECG is not clear. I have a photo of her ECG. It seems inferior wall ischemia or NSTEMI. I try to get her examined but difficult to explain to her. Please can you help in reading the ECG?  Read Full »

Dr. Vivek Pillai


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through the attachment. (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Yes, definitely there are ischemic changes in the inferior wall as well as lateral wall, suggestive of ischemia, if possible do give her an antiplatelet agent like Aspirin and Clopido...  Read Full »

Why do I feel short of breath after walking a short distance?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 60-year-old female, type 2 diabetic. Over the past few months I have become increasingly breathless when walking a short distance even on flat surfaces. Can you please give me some advise?  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Cardiologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Family Physician, General Practitioner

Answer: Hello, Welcome to This is likely a cardiac issue. There is a possibility of ischemic heart disease. So, you should get your cardiac work-up done. You need to have ECG and echo, and may need further investigations based on the results of these. Diabetics are more prone for ischemic he...  Read Full »

My cholesterol level is low but triglyceride is high. Is 10 mg statin sufficient?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 76-year-old male. I have the following conditions. 1. IHD for many years (T wave inversion). Recently undergone TMT and 2D echo. Both are negative. 2. Mild BP is normal and under control. 3. Thyroid under control. 4. Diabetes for five years and under control. 5. Prostatom...  Read Full »

Dr. Isaac Gana


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your explanation in detail. Your triglycerides level is at borderline, not high. You do not have to increase the Statin dosage all you need is to readjust your diet. Reduce the snacks and eat more vegetables and fruits. You should continue taking...  Read Full »

How to reduce the increased lipoprotein level?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 42-year-old female. I am not taking any medications till now. Recently, I did my yearly medical tests and saw my LP(a) at 54.3 mg/dL. Please suggest.  Read Full »

Dr. Parth R Goswami

Family Physician, General Practitioner, Hematologist, Pathologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Usually, LP(a) level should be less than 30 mg /dL. But, you have an increased level. High level of LP(a) signifies the increased risk for atherosclerosis of vessel and heart disease like ischemic heart disease. The doctor usually prescribes this test when there is a hi...  Read Full »

I have a discomfort under my sternum when I walk up a slope. What do you suggest?

Query: Hello doctor,I have a very localized discomfort under my sternum when I exercise. Generally, it does not occur with just walking on level ground but on even a gentle slope (incline) I begin to notice it. I have had an echocardiogram. The cardiologist recommended an angiogram and possibly an angiopla...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.

Cardiologist, Criticalcare Physician, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have reviewed your health query and have understood you may be having what is called ischemic heart disease. In this disease, the vessels supplying blood to the heart muscles itself, get clogged due to any reason. When there is the partial blockage (incomplete bloc...  Read Full »

Are angiography and stent good for ischemic heart disease?

Query: Hi doctor,My mother got a sudden heart pain. I took her to the hospital. After ECG And further processing, we came to know that she got ischemic heart disease and her two valves of the heart are closed. She has diabetes and blood pressure problems due to which atherosclerosis occurred three days ago...  Read Full »

Dr. Vivek Pillai


Answer: Hi, Welcome to An angiogram has to be done in your mother's case to know the extent of the blocks. Also, since she has blocked valves as you said, open heart surgery and valve replacement will be an option for her rather than stenting. In terms of diet to prevent heart disease, it is ...  Read Full »

Is the treatment prescribed for chronic ischemic heart disease correct?

Query: Hello doctor,I would like to ask you for a second opinion on the treatment prescribed for my 53-year-old mother by a cardiologist. She was diagnosed with chronic ischemic heart disease following a routine ECG which I would like to send you, and the blood tests indicated a cholesterol of 280. The sym...  Read Full »

Dr. Ilir Sharka


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I reviewed the therapy prescribed by the doctor and I agree with it. It contains: a blood thinner (Aspirin and Clopidogrel) to help prevent blood clots in the coronary arteries, a beta blocker to lower the heart rate, a nitrate to help increase the blood flow in...  Read Full »

What do my MRI reports suggest?

Query: Hello doctor, I am diabetic and hypertensive and have neuro problems. I want you to look at my MRI reports and advice me accordingly. I have attached the reports.  Read Full »

Dr. Sudheer Ambekar

Neuro Surgeon, Neurologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through the attachments (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) report says that there are chronic ischemic changes suggestive of small vessel ischemia. These changes are usually seen in people with underly...  Read Full »

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