Q. I get frequent episodes of nosebleed with difficulty in breathing. Can I have leukemia?

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Been feeling various symptoms and i really just want to talk to someone about it. I think i'm convinced i have leukemia And i want someone to be straightforward with me of the chances of me having it, Some of the symptoms i have are dead giveaways but i just want someone to hear me out


Hi. Welcome to iCliniq. Can you please give me your history. What symptoms do you have? Have you done any investigations? Any lumps palpable anywhere in the body?

I don't know doc, But what i know is, My quality of life has degraded, At first i thought it was just the quarantine but now i'm not so sure, At the first few months of quarantine i had this weird itchyness all over my body but there wasn't any sign of a rash or anything, so i thought it would've been dry air, and i had frequent nosebleeds which i consulted a doctor before and gave me medicine for my nasal passage (left only), which made it a lot less frequent, but it used to be frequent none the less, last time i had an episode of my nose bleeding was maybe around 4 days ago, i consulted the doctor 2 months ago, and i've had similar nosebleed episodes even before when i went out drinking, My eyes are very sensitive to light and i don't know if it's just the lighting of the room, Had difficulty breathing too and was thinking it might've been not being active for so long since i'm just in my condominium almost everyday with no exercise, When i sleep i sometimes feel my eyes twitch up or roll i don't know why, And i feel some sharp pains on the lower left on my back and i've been having some back pains too but it's not that bad, I sometimes spit up an acidic tasting saliva occasionally too, I feel a fullness on the left part of my left lung too.


You're 21 years old right? Ok we'll sort this out. Can you please tell me more about your nose bleeds. How much of blood is there per episode (how many tissues do you use)? Also, is there bleeding from your gums or teeth? what about urine and stool? Do you have any bruising anywhere on your body? Can you get your blood tests done? I would like you to do your complete blood counts along with peripheral film. What is the weather like where you live? Is it cold or warm?

I live in a humid condition, but right now it's the rainy season My gums do bleed too sometimes, and i have 1 impacted tooth that i have yet to get it checked/removed and another tooth that i have a crown on, most of the time the tooth with the crown bleeds and i experienced a tooth ache with it not too long ago maybe a month ago, It made my left part of my face swell for about 4 days. I may have experiences a still with a hint of blood once but it was long ago about 3 - 5 months ago, I don't have any bruising on my body. I haven't had blood work done because of two reason. 1. The hospitals here are red zones or Covid 19, Almost every hospital has maxed out it's occupancy for it's patients. 2. I have a phobia of needles And yes doctor i'm 21 Regarding about the bleeding, Before when i had epsiodes of nose bleeding when i was drinking i'd have non stop bleeding for almost a minute or 2 minutes, These days i'd have a nosebleed for maybe just under a minute if i hold my nose, if it's tissue we're talking about maybe i'd plug my nose about 6 - 8 times before the bleeding completely stops


Ok. Now what about any lumps? I'd like you to check for lumps in your armpits, your neck (both front and back), under your chin and groin region. But you'd have to get your blood workup before I can further comment. With out that i will not be possible to assess or rule out Leukaemia. And even see a GP so that he can examine you. Do you live with family or independent? What about your job? About your tooth, get a Dentist's appointment. It may have been infected most likely, thus the pain and swelling.

Alright doc, But what kind of lumps should i be looking for, Now that you mention it, I feel a stiffness on my left part of my neck, And before when my tooth was aching i had a lump on the lower side of my jaw but it's gone now Right now i'm living alone and i'm planning to go soon to my hometown where my family is. My job is management I'll try to see a physical physician here when i can, My uncle is actually in anesthesiology but i'm scared what might happen and tell my family what i've been feeling. I'm sorry to tell you that doc, Just wanted to get that out off my chest too


Lumps are basically lymph nodes. You will feel a firm ball kind of structure. The one under your jaw may have been with sore throat or tooth infection. They grow big when any infection and disappear when it's gone.There is no shame in telling your family how you feel. Since you live alone in this Pandemic situation it has made all of us stressed and depressed. living near your family will help you. You should share how you have been feeling with your parents. Family is someone who will never judge you for these symptoms. I want you to share with them as well. and get your investigations done soon. Will only then be able to help you. Otherwise from the present history I'm hoping it won't be Leukemia. But we need to rule that out before any final verdict. Being your doctor it's all confidential. So please, you can share all you want. We will sort you illness out. Thank you.

Doctor, I felt a bump on my neck, I think it's a swollen lymph node, It's on the left side of my neck I'm certain based on the images where lymph nodes are located it's the "Superficial Cervical" lymph nodes doc Now that i think about it, I think it'a been there for three days already


Hey, Its Ok. So now when you go to GP. please get the following done. CBC with ESR, Peripheral film, Serum LDH, ultrasound guided FNAC of your lymphnode. We will do further workup once we get this done.

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