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Muscle Relaxant

Muscle relaxants are usually referred to as skeletal muscle relaxants. They act directly through the central nervous system and reduces the spasm of the muscles. They are used to reduce soreness and pain caused due to sprains and muscle injury. Baclofen and Tizanidine are commonly used muscle relaxants to treat muscle spasms.

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I feel I have a problem maintaining an erection after taking Viagra and Kamagra once. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, Six days ago, I took Viagra recreationally for the first time. I thought doing it once would not affect me. Then four days ago, I took Kamagra jelly without knowing what it was. This was also my first time taking it. Now, I feel like I have a problem maintaining a hard-on erection. Is thi...  Read Full »

Dr. Samer Sameer Juma Ali Altawil

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Please note that Viagra (Slidenafil) stays in the blood only for four to six hours, and as you took the other medication more than 48 hours later, there should be no question about interaction. The other point is that Kamagra (Slidenafil) tab...  Read Full »

Please suggest medicines for pain near the spine and shoulder.

Query: Hi doctor, My grandmother is 66-year-old. She is having severe back pain near the spine and shoulder pain for the past two days. She used a painkiller but there is no relief. Please suggest.   Read Full »

Dr. Patel Tejashkumar Govindbhai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Please mention the history of trauma. Please mention the exact location of pain whether it is located in the back or radiates to the leg. Please mention whether your grandmother has a history of tingling and numbness.   Read Full »

What should I do for pain in groin and activity restriction?

Query: Hi doctor, I have had mild right-side groin pain for about two years, making it very difficult to run. One morning, I woke up unable to use my right leg because of the severity of the pain. I was very active then, so I assumed it was a sprain in or around the groin. The pain got better about a week...  Read Full »

Dr. Bharat Patodiya

Answer: Hello, Welcome to To allay your anxiety, let me open my answer that an inguinal lymph node of up to 1 cm in size is acceptable. The exact size must be mentioned on the ultrasound. Usually, the lymph node is not painful to cause so much motility limitation. Now coming back to your diagno...  Read Full »

What causes vague middle back pain?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 26-year-old. I am working in a bank for the last year. I am having back pain on the right side thoracic region while sleeping on my back or sitting for the last six months. I have antral gastritis. I have done an MRI of the thorax which came normal. Ultrasonography of the whole a...  Read Full »

Dr. Sumit Chawla

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your history. Vague pains in the thoracic region with normal radiological investigation can be due to posture or myofascial trigger points. Kindly answer the following questions for better evaluation of your condition. Pain is in diffuse area or...  Read Full »

Can Nucoxia be taken for a long period?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 39-year-old male. I have been diagnosed with mechanical low back pain and SI joint pain. My doctor has advised me to take Nucoxia 60 once daily for three months. Is it safe to take Nucoxia an anti-inflammatory medicine for such a long period of three months? The doctor has not pres...  Read Full »

Dr. Akshay Kumar Saxena

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have mentioned that you have been diagnosed as a case of mechanical back pain. Since your question is specific for Nucoxia, I can tell you that Etoricoxib is actually a COX-2 inhibitor which is definitely safer than conventional NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammato...  Read Full »

What can be done for my mom's back pain?

Query: Hi doctor, My 62 year old mother has been experiencing lower back pain for the last two to three days. She did some heavy work in the kitchen a few days ago and developed these symptoms. She has been taking one or two Crocin a day and using a hot bath, but that does not help much. Please suggest a s...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Answer: Hi, Welcome to We are here to offer our assistance regarding your mother's health concern. It appears that she might be experiencing either muscular back pain or a prolapsed intervertebral disc compression. To determine the exact issue, it is advisable to undergo an MRI lumbo-sacral sp...  Read Full »

What are the causes of lower abdominal pain in men?

Query: Hi doctor, My husband is 28 years old. He has had lower abdominal pain since two months. I have marked the paining area in the attached picture. He has pain in the area just behind this in the back also. The pain is mild about 0.5 in 10 scale and sometimes 2 or 3 out of 10. There is a mild burning s...  Read Full »

Dr. Vivekanandan Govindasamy

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Looking at your husband's urine routine examination report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), it is very clear that it is unlikely to be UTI in any form. I think the groin pain could be non-specific. It may be related to your posture, nature of work, etc. I...  Read Full »

I have sharp pain in my back. Do I need intensive decompression process?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 33 years old. I usually feel healthy after picking up a large box. Before a week, I got a sharp pain in the middle of my waist at the back. Then I was not able to bend, and I had very limited moving. I went to a chiropractor. He told me that I need to do 25 to 30 sessions of decompre...  Read Full »

Dr. Atul Prakash

Answer: Hi, Welcome to As long as you do not have any leg pain (electric or shooting type) or associated numbness you can do this without the intensive chiropractor sessions. Take muscle relaxants, ice the muscles which are in spasm, take painkillers like Tramadol for severe pain, and Paracet...  Read Full »

I have shoulder, arm, breast and neck pain. Is it musculoskeletal pain?

Query: Hello doctor, Since last few days, I am having left sided pain in the shoulder, upper arm, the front area near the shoulder, breast, both outer sides of the neck and collarbone area. Sometimes, it pains on the back side as well. I can feel the pain when I press the body part where the pain originat...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Firstly, it is not at all related to the heart. Cardiac pain usually increases on exertion and relieves with rest. It will never increase on pressing or arm movement. You do not need to repeat any test. Coming to possibilities, psychosomatic is certainly a possib...  Read Full »

Is taking SARM supplement the reason for my back pain?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 60-year-old male in good condition. I am not taking any medication. There are ongoing painful back muscle aches apparently for months. I used SARM for workouts. I had poor hydration habits, with too much caffeine and not taking enough water. I stopped taking the SARM supplement one...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It may or may not be directly related to SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) use. Backache is a prevalent problem in this age group, and your BMI (body mass index) is 39 (attachment removed to protect patient identity), which predisposes you to spine problems l...  Read Full »

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